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The Leap Year Six.

The Friday Six:  February 29, 2008 editionHappy Leap Year ... day!  (Sounds like kind of a crap holiday.)  Here are The Leap Year Six.

1.  Since I last Friday Six'd, I was trying desperately to minimize stress levels.  Over the last two weeks, I've been working less at night, freaking out less at work, and peppering my days with less insanity.  The results?  I'm breathing easier.  Just acknowledging the stress made me deal with it better.  And posting about it helped, too, because disclosing my desire to chill out held me accountable.  I exposed myself to the internet (have fun with that one, Mr. Google) and I was obligated to follow-through.  Sooooo, after that long-winded explanation, I'm feeling pretty chill, thank you very much.

2.  To that effect, Generation D has been updated for February.  And thank goodness for the extra day this month, or my article on diabetes and stress would have been wicked early for March.  :)  I hope you enjoy it!

3.  Here's something that made me laugh my ass off:  my favorite dLife marketing maven sent me a link this morning to Garfield Minus Garfield, which is hosted off a Tumblr blog (which an interesting blogging platform.  Very minimalist.).  The gist of the site is as follows:  "Who would have guessed that when you remove Garfield from the Garfield comic strips, the result is an even better comic about schizophrenia, bipolor disorder, and the empty desperation of modern life? Friends, meet Jon Arbuckle. Let’s laugh and learn with him on a journey deep into the tortured mind of an isolated young everyman as he fights a losing battle against lonliness in a quiet American suburb." 

And oh, how I've laughed and learned.  This one is the office favorite: 

Image credit to Garfield Minus Garfield

4.  We're this close to finalizing our wedding invitations, thanks to the amazing design talents of our friend Matt.  The guest list is just about finalized, too.  I had another dress fitting last weekend and the pump pocket is looking good - just a few more tweaks.  For you MarriedBloggers, any ideas for bridal party gifts?  I don't want to disclose what I've been thinking about doing (because my bridesmaids all read the blog) but I'd like to hear what you  did.  I cannot wait to take pictures of all this stuff and share it with you guys - the wedding is barely two months away - I am so excited!

5.  Oh, and then there's Molly the diabetic spot-nosed monkey.  Of course.  She has a book (of course) and a set of inspirational posters (of course).   This poster, of Molly enjoying lunchtime snacky bits with a duck and an armadillo (of course) is my favorite. 

And 6.  I'm looking forward to bringing in the month of March in RI, hanging with Batman and maybe visiting the butterfly conservatory in MA.  It sounds like a very cool place to take some interesting pictures with the Nikon. 

Have a stellar weekend, FR's, and I'll see you on Monday!  :D 


I've gotten the typical gifts, but one wedding sticks out in particular.

We each received a jewelry box with our inital glass lid - from Pottery Barn. It was really pretty and I use it to this day (you know - to store my other bridal gifts in :P).

Have a great weekend!

In keeping with the "en-gag-ment" invitations, will you be sending out "weed-ing" invitations, too?

I bought my bridal party a crystal perfume bottle and Jeff got the guys a glass mug with each person's initials engraved on a pewter label on the glass.

I was a bridesmaid in my sister-in-law's wedding and each of the girls received a rhinestone bracelet to wear in the wedding.

Have a good weekend!!

Bridesmaids each got a necklace in "their style" + hair done on the big day if they wanted it.

Best man got beer mugs, g's brother got hockey tix, and the other one I can't remember.

Yay for a less stressed Kerri!
I agree with everyone else, give them something useful.
I can't wait to see your butterflies, they happen to be one of my favorite things to photograph.

Have a good weekend!

I had a friend working at Coach at the time of my wedding. So I got each of the girls a clutch that they could use for the wedding at an amazing discount. I was lucky I had a friend willing to part with her discount coupons or whatever it is Coach gives their employees. My husband gave the guys swisscards. It’s Basically all the tools in a Swiss army knife but in the shape of a credit card.

Speaking of a "weeding", one of my co-workers sent out a mass e-mail to our department letting everyone know he would be out of the office next week because he and his wife were attending a weeding in Jamaica. Oh, the funny responses he received on that one!! He finally sent out a mass e-mail reply stating that there would be "no weed other than seaweed!"

Anyway, re: bridesmaid gifts...I've only been a bridesmaid once, and we received the typical jewelry box/candle/tote bag combo, and it was just okay. So, for my wedding the next year, I decided to give something that could actually be used...here's what I did:

I bought 6 unique baskets that would be pretty to be used as home decor, and filled them each with homemade mop-flops that I made to match their bridesmaid dresses...we all know no one wants to wear heels all night! (They really used them, too, and some actually wore them during the ceremony since their dress was long enough to cover!) I also added gourmet coffee and hot cocoa, sliced glycerin soap in a color/theme unique to each bridesmaid's personality (okay, maybe not *that* useful, but still cute!), and a handwritten thank-you note. I then shrink-wrapped the baskets and tied them with ribbon. I also paid for a portion of our spa day and then provided a girly luncheon the day before the wedding, and then my parents paid for the hair and makeup for those who were interested, which ended up being most everyone.

Jimmie- i love that idea, especially the flip flops :)

Kerri, my mom has taken Noah to the Butterfly Place a couple of times, and got some incredible pictures! have fun.

I put together gift bags for the bridesmaids. Believe it or not, I can't for the life of me even remember at this point all of what we put in them in the end, but I do remember I included a bottle of my favorite wine.

My geek of a husband gave his groomsmen flashlights (!) which were supposedly very cool for some reason. I had my doubts but they all seemed very excited about them... :)


Do tell me if you decide to visit the butterfly place. We've visited there several times with our children and it really is awesome. The bigger problem is that there's way too many lovely butterflies to photograph. And they'll often land on you and hang around for a while.

Anyway we live not too far from there. So maybe we could meet IRL! (Which I think is the car sticker for Irish cars. Like this one http://tinyurl.com/2hv8xd)

Best of luck with continued stress reduction.

My uncle literally lives around the corner from the butterfly place... while you're in town, ask someone about the dream diner. it's a 50s themed breakfast diner. it's awesome :)

no help on the bridesmaids gifts after the thought of the butterfly place sent me into panic/survival mode. Think the birds, only with butterflies - eeeeeeeeeek. That place seriously creeps me out.

My gift to my bridesmaids were garnet earrings to wear to the wedding to match their dresses, and my MOH (my sister) got a ruby pendant.

My BFF R got married last year- remember her cake? I sent you the pic on 20SB.

Her gift was the best I've ever gotten. She got boat and tote bags from LL Bean with our monograms on them. They were filled with bath beads, lip gloss, Victoria Secret bath gel, lotion and spray in personality driven scents, a coffee mug picked out for each of us (mine said "I have a lot of faults, but being wrong isn't one of them"), slippers, and other little goodies. Her sister and I, her honor attendants, got pearl sets in our bags to wear at the wedding. They are genuine pearls- earrings, a bracelet and a necklace, and I found them in the JCPenney catalog later. When I found them, they were on sale at a VERY reasonable price, though I don't know that she got them for that price.

At. any. rate. This was incredibly thoughtful, as I didn't have any pearls, and I have worn them SEVERAL times since the wedding. I carry the bag everyday, too. Now I want a matching lunchbox.

Was this comment long enough? ;-)

No, it wasn't, so I'll add that she wore pearls to the wedding, but her necklace had a big, fat, pearl pendant on it that totally rocked and made our pearls look like little girl pearls, so she wasn't overshadowed, and she plans to pass the necklace on to her niece and future daughters to wear at their weddings, but probably not her sister, because her sister is an ungrateful skank. There. Now I'm done. :)

This is the jewelry box.

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