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Breaking News: CWD and Johnson & Johnson

Big news for Children With Diabetes.  As of the announcement at 10:30 this morning, CWD is becoming part of the Johnson & Johnson family of companies.  According to his open letter to the CWD community, Jeff Hitchcock says "I'm pleased to tell you we have found a new home within the Johnson & Johnson Family of Companies, a global health care organization also dedicated to families and children, and a home that will enable us to expand in ways that we are just beginning to imagine." 

Congrats to the Children With Diabetes community!


This is great news for Jeff Hitchcock and family, but I think the sale of an organization like this to a big pharmaceutical company like Johnson & Johnson (which owns Lifescan/OneTouch, Animas and several other products sold to people with diabetes) means we can say goodbye to the site's editorial integrity, objective reviews of new products, etc. in favor of more promotional stuff aimed at presenting J&J products in a favorable light to the diabetes community.

I tend to agree, Scott. I am happy for Jeff and family, certainly, but a little sad for the rest of us.

You have my promise that CWD will remain an independent, objective voice. If you see otherwise, let me know personally.

There is no way to operate a children with diabetes website without advertising ALL the pump companies. Whether Animas will be displayed a bit more prominently, we will have to wait and see. Animas does not have a large percentage of the market at present. Johnson & Johnson may become more motivated, though research on CWD, into putting more money into diabetes products it has in the research stage or put on hold; specifically the nano-pump by Diabetech and implantable sensor. I would love to see both of these products hit the market, and soon. So many parents live in the Midwest or
East Coast with limited resources and do not have the finances to travel to Orlando for the conferences, which offer much needed information and support for children and their parents. Other parents balk at Disney in July! Jeff has proven his commitment time and time again to children with diabetes. I wish him my best as he expands the conferences throughout the Midwest and East Coast and even all over the world. Of course, his hard work on behalf of others can and should benefit his family as well. This is a win-win situation. Congratulations, Jeff, and thank you for your life-saving web site.

I do hope that J&J has enough sense to take a hands off approach. If people perceive a change in the site I suspect they'd lose a LOT of readers.

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