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Sound the Alarm: Diabetes Alert Day

Today, March 25th, is Diabetes Alert Day.  This awareness campaign is aimed at people becoming more aware of type 2 diabetes and taking a few minutes to assess their own diagnosis potential.  dLife has a whole section dedicated to Diabetes Alert Day and a quick quiz to help you assess your risk for type 2 diabetes.

Now this is all well and good for raising awareness for the type 2 community.  All awareness is good.  And as Amy noted, there are ways to get involved to benefit the type 1 community, too.  But I would love to have a day dedicated to raising awareness for type 1 diabetes.  Often, type 1 is pooled together with type 2 diabetes, causing society to look at me and wonder if my diabetes is "bad" or "uncontrolled" because I'm using an insulin pump or testing every hour or meticulously counting carbohydrates.  I want people to know that my diabetes is not manageable with a pill or with exercise and diet alone - people need to understand that type 1 requires a whole different cure than its type 2 counterpart.  This is not to point a finger of blame at anyone with type 2 (because I HATE the blame game), but more to highlight the fact that education does not prevent type 1 diabetes, as it can help to prevent type 2 diabetes. 

So I'm proposing that Monday, April 14th be a day of diabetes awareness focusing on the type 1 community.  Blog about it.  Contact your local JDRF chapters and see what you can do to raise awareness.  Help your friends and family understand how living with type 1 diabetes has affected your life and what they can do to help the progress towards a cure.  Find out more about the progressive research of such pioneers as Dr. Denise Faustman.  See what you can do to make a difference.

We may be a smaller group, but I have this sneaking suspicion we can be loud.  The more people who hear us, the more impact we will have.


Great idea!

Couldn't agree more. Why'd you choose April 14th?

We met with our District Representative the other day and the differences between Type 2 & Type 1 were discussed and it seemed like he wasn't fully aware of the difference.

I think it's easy for people to lump the 2 together because there's a lot of news out diabetes out there and most of it pertains to Type 2. So people just assume Diabetes means you're out of shape, eat unhealthy etc.

I think that is a great idea! I will contact my local JDRF chapter right now :).

Great idea Kerri. Count me in.

I also think we should quit saying diabetes and say T1 and T2, you know?

Fabulous idea. I'm always up for anything that gives T1 a bit of the limelight, We're usually put in as an afterthought :(
I still want to see T1 D get a name change. I'll carry on calling myself pancreatically challenged until someone comes up with something better!

RIGHT ON!! This is a great idea!! Seems like hardly anyone in the general public knows the difference between T1 & T2. And have you noticed that lately the media and pharm industry has been just calling it "diabetes"? I.e., certain habits or drugs may "increase the risk of diabetes"?? Whatever happened to clarifying it by saying "TYPE 2 diabetes"???

Couldn't agree more. It seems to me that almost 99 percent of the time I read the word "diabetes" in some news story or magazine piece, they should put the words "type 2" in front of it. It leads to all kinds of misunderstandings.

I actually went for a fancy "executive physical" last week. When the doctor realized I was on an insulin pump, she said, "Oh, that's serious! Is that because the oral meds stopped working for you?" I said, "Uh, no. That's because I have type 1 diabetes and I choose to use the best possible methods to control it." Huh?!! How can people in the medical profession be so clueless! (This isn't the first time I've encountered this confusion/ignorance from medical professionals.)

I'm all for April 14 as the type 1 diabetes awareness day. Thanks, Kerri!

I'll blog all about it on 4/14!!

Thanks for reminding us of the importance of awareness and diagnosis of diabetes. Like high blood pressure, diabetes is often a silent killer. Steve Kirk blogs on senior adults at www.theperfectsense.com.

Amen my fellow D T1 Brothers and Sisters!!

Just remember kiddo that you have fans that are the "dreaded" T2......tho i do agree with you that there should be a day to concentrate on T1.

I've learned alot from your blog, and I am one of those T2 folks!

You picked a perfect day for T1 awareness - it's my T1 daughter's birthday. :)
I'm in for spreading the word !

Thank you, thank you, thank you!

I have Type 1 Diabetes, and I've been getting so frustrated with the media constantly not differentiating between T1 and T2. I'm in high school, and some of my classmates think I got T1 by eating too much candy, etc. They are convinced that they are right but T1 is so completely different! :(

Are there going to be pins or brochures that I could hand out to help raise awareness ?

Thanks Kerri!

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