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Things I Found.

Gold stars -- they're all over my purse at the moment.Things I found in my purse yesterday:  Three loose Mentos candies, fourteen (!) dead test strips, one key to the dLife office that I keep forgetting to put back on my keyring, a dollar bill, and a package of gold star stickers. 

Things I found underneath the bed:  A CluckCoo cuckoo clock (which lead to the box being opened, which lead to a battle between two cats), a strand of white Christmas lights, my old notary public embosser, a dust bunny the size of a toaster oven, and a pair of expensive black high heels that I have never worn because I totally forgot they were there. 

Things I found in our fridge:  A huge jar of minced garlic, eleven bottles of Humalog insulin,  one lone sharon fruit, two bottles of dessert wine, a jar of eye cream, and one of my birthday cards - cannot explain that last one.

Things I found out while arguing with my fiance:  The wedding is so close (69 days from today) that I'm starting to lose my mind and am tweaking out unnecessarily.  I also realized - yet again - that I hate arguing with the person I love the most.  I need to remember this more often.

Things I found will make me laugh instantly these days:  Any mental image of Siah tucked inside that banana, remembering Grape Ape and how he was driven around on the top of a van driven by a beagle, the fact that cats don't get wrinkles, and any pictures of old people in party hats.  For some reason, those items are putting me over the edge today.

Things I found in the pot of my plant at work:  The dismembered leg of an action figure I have here at work.  Leave those production guys alone in here for a split second and they make a creative mess of things.  

Things I found that effectively end a post:  . 


Things that made me smile today:
* Your post.
* My garden which, remarkably, is already sprouting crocuses.
* The crocuses I immediately picked and put in a water glass so I can periodically gaze at them and say...Yay!
* The idea of the existence of something as weird as a Sharon fruit.
* The dead test strip I saw on the floor within seconds of reading your post.
* Tickling my cat's nose with said test strip to get her to stop eating my crocuses.
* The fact I just tested and my sugar is 48, so I can justify eating one of the molasses cookies I brought home last night from a friend's party.
* The fact that I know this post might be completely incomprehensible because my sugar's low but that, because my sugar's low and I can't wait to get to that cookie, I'm saying what the hey and posting it anyway.

While trying to keep my eyes open after a very missed hour of sleep, you have managed to brighten my sleepy day! (Especially the pic of Siah in the box!) I am oh so grateful, Thanks.

Don't forget the very most important thing a married woman must learn right away: She must know how to lose the TV remote control just moments after saying "I put it right....um, where did I put it?"

Your Brave -

I'm afraid to venture underneath my bed!

Well lets see...my purse is a bottomless pit also...I found...
- A picture of my bridesmaid dress
- My tinkerbell pen
- My reading glasses
- 6 tubes of lip gloss

I really need to clean my purse out hehe... cant wait to see you kerri...love ya!!!

As the wedding draws closer, I'm sure stress levels will rise all around you.

May you have a boat to carry you smoothly over that stress and may both of you ride comfortably there. Safe from the short storms raging around ye.

That --> . Cracked me up.

Don't even want to go near the "what's under the bed"....
BUT, wanted to mention to Kelly k. (k2) that we have called my12 yr old son Casey c2 (c squared) for years for the same reason..Casey C.
Now, should I venture into the bottom of my big brown Liz Claiborne alligator purse?? I carry for a diabetic boy, could be scary....

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