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Clearing Our Throats.

Monday, April 14th, is Raise Your Voice For Type 1 Diabetes Awareness Day.  Are you ready?

What kind of information can I pass on?

I have a blog.  Any ideas for what I can write about?

  • Write about a "day in the life of a type 1 diabetic," and what every day includes for you.  Capturing the minutiae can help let people know what it takes to manage this disease that some people call "invisible."
  • Offer up your diagnosis story.
  • Vent about your diabetes frustrations and other people's misconceptions.  What do you wish people knew about type 1 diabetes?
  • Write a poem about your life, or your child's life, with diabetes. 
  • Bernard has some great ideas for things we can do to raise awareness both on April 14th and beyond.  Check out his post about the price of diabetes test strips.
  • Share a photo that represents a piece of your type 1 diabetes life. 
  • If your child is diabetic and would like to share their voice on your blog, have them guest post for the day and really raise their voice!
  • Talk to Big Pharma - do you feel like they forget who they're selling to in the first place?  Write a post and remind them about the community they should be listening to - us!

I want to make this awareness last beyond just one day.  What can I do?

  • Visit the JDRF website and check out different ways that you can get involved with raising awareness.  Even if you aren't walking on April 14th, it's a great day to sign up for a JDRF walk team and get the ball rolling towards research.
  • Join Diabetes365 and participate in one of the most active diabetes groups on Flickr.  It's all about how diabetes is every day, showing the life of a diabetic through pictures.  Both type 1's, type 2's, parents, and caregivers alike are joining forces and sharing their lives, one photo at a time. 
  • Find, or even start, a diabetes support group in your area!  Check your local JDRF and ADA chapters, and any local medical facilities, for a support group near you.
  • Join an online diabetes community, like dLife, TuDiabetes, CWD, or DiabetesDaily, and connect with other people who are living with diabetes.

If you post something re: April 14th, please send me a link!  And if you have any pictures that you want to share here, send those, too!  On Monday, I'll keep a running list of all the awareness that's being raised in the blogosphere and beyond!


I actually put up a post this morning asking my readers to leave questions and stories in my comment section, and I can answer them / share them on Monday. It's working great - I've already got a few questions and have started what is turning out to be quite a long post for Monday (it will also include pictures of me getting my insulin pump)! It was surprising to me how many people who have family members who are diabetic don't know the difference between Type 1 and Type 2. I'm looking forward to helping educate some of my on-line knitter friends on Monday!! :)

Kerri I just put up a post on the YoungDiabetics.org forum, and I linked to your page for the information. Hope you don't mind, you just have the most comprehensive stuff.
Here's the link to it.

Ive posted it on my website. I hope lots of people see it. I also emailed every member on the site and all my friends & family. Thank you for doing what you do!!


I created a email that people can use to spam, er, mail to all their friends and family. I posted it over at http://acurerightnow.blogspot.com/2008/04/raise-your-voice.html

Woo hoo! Look at what I just saw:


Rock on Kerri and thank you again for starting this!

Thank you for initiating
"Raise Your Voice - for Type 1 Diabetes Awareness, this April 14, 2008.

My son developed T1D when he was 7 years old.

I posted a message at the Special Needs Children forum here:

Type One Diabetes Awareness - April 14, 2008


Pam W, SE of Seattle

Pamela Wilson, Special Needs Children Editor

Community Is... Self-Determination

Diabetes (T1D) Information for Classmates

Back to School with Diabetes

Symptoms of Type One Insulin Dependent Childhood Onset Diabetes

Down Syndrome and Diabetes Dual Diagnosis

I'm a day late, but I raised my voice through pictures:

I can't believe it, but I missed the April 14th activities. That's because my sister (with type 1) was in the hospital! She got influenza and everything went berzerk. Anyway, she's home now and doing better.
I found a great article, though, with good information about staying healthy with Type 1. Here it is: http://tinyurl.com/6xyqhu. I'd love to hear thoughts from those of you with diabetes as to whether you're following any of their tips.

Anyway, hopefully I'll be ready for Awareness Day next year!

I loved AJ Hawk's blog "bloodsuger, why you gotta be like this." I actually cried because someone else said it better than I could! It is touching to hear those who have the same exact struggles and hardships...thanks buddy for acknowledging and posting!

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