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Friday Six: The Short List.

The Friday Six:  April 25, 2008 editionNo intro.

1.  Last night I attended the premiere screening of Life For A Child in NYC, a moving documentary profiling children with type 1 diabetes who are living in developing countries.  I'll have a write-up for this next week, but suffice to say that there is so much work that needs to be done, both around the world and here at home.  I ended my evening with a low blood sugar as I left the screening and with mounting frustration on how much worldwide attention diabetes needs, yet doesn't receive.  More on this next week.

2.  The dTOEs that were sent in are AWESOME!  I'll be posting the dTOEs, Second Edition on Monday.  :)  If you have any others you want to add, pop them in the comments section for yesterday's post, or email them to me at kerri [at] sixuntilme [dot] com.   

3.  I spent at least a few minutes siphoning through this list of Smurfs to figure out which one I would be.  I think I'm Jokey Smurf (or Schtroumpf Farceur ... are they French or something?) - I love the idea of his alter-ego, the Masked Pie Smurfer, "a cloaked figure known for sneaking up on other Smurfs and throwing pies at them."  Which Smurf would you be?

4.  Speaking of blasts from the past, one of my favorite books growing up was The Monster at the End of This Book, Starring Lovable, Furry Old Grover.  Come on ... you remember this, don't you?  If not, here's a slide show of all the pages in this book.  I remember being terrified of turning the pages when I was little, entirely unsure of what the monster was going to look like.  I read it to my nephew a few years ago - as we turned the pages, he looked up at me with his big, blue eyes, put his hand on my wrist, and whispered, "Auntie, please don't turn the page, okay?"  The world keeps spitting out all this garbage but at least children's books are still wonderful.

5.  Want to be on dLifeTV?  We're looking for people in good health who have lived with type 2 diabetes for 25 years or more. Send our production team an e-mail and tell us about yourself, including your name, age, contact information, number of years living with type 2 diabetes, plus your thoughts on how you have handled your diabetes, especially what you have done to maintain good control.  Thanks in advance!

6.  It's going to be a long weekend, but not exactly a relaxing one.  Tomorrow night we have the pleasure of attending the wedding of two friends in Brooklyn, then a Cirque du Solelil show on Sunday night, then we're spending Monday in RI to finish up last-minute wedding stuff like finalizing the floral arrangements, the marriage license, our marriage classes, and my final wedding gown fitting.  May is right around the corner, and I couldn't be more excited.  :)

Have a stellar weekend, and look for the dTOEs on Monday!   


I love The Monster at the End of This Book! And so do my kids.

Oh, I love that book!

Have a great weekend.

The artist who started the Smurfs comic strip (where it all started) was Belgian. (I remembered that much before checking Wikipedia for the details.) I was technically too old for Sesame Street when it first came on the air in 1969; however, we did occasionally watch it in 5th-grade Reading class (1970-71) for ideas for sketches for a class play...

I still have my copy of The Monster At The End of This Book, circa 1972-ish? It's packed away in a chest full of good- memories-stuff from my childhood. Just thinking of it makes me smile (and remember how much I didn't want to turn the page, but I HAD to!). :)

I used to love The Monster at the end of This Book!!! Haven't thought about it in years. And who knew there were so many Smurfs? Of course, being a knitter at heart, I'd like to be Wooley Smurf (but why the Texan accent?)

Have a wonderful (although busy) weekend!!

Mos def':
Dabbler Smurf. ;-)

Good stuff as always Kerri. Best to you this weekend!

(As to the film you screened, the low and the frustration.....SO with you! I am "doing my homework" for the Call to Congress about the ADA Restoration Act and just found the Pre-existing Condition Exclusion Patient Protection Act. Whew, need to hone it in!!)

You will get pics from the Cirque du Solelil? ;-)

Oh gosh! that's the favorite book in our house -my mom does this absolutely HORRIBLE grover voice and we all would ask her over and over to read it. Now she does it for the grandkids.

as for smurfs, I'm definitely grouchy smurf. it isn't pretty, but that's me.

I always love these. Thanks so much for collecting and sharing them!

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