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Raise Your Voice: Ideas.

With the logo developed and the CafePress shop created, it's on for Raise Your Voice for type 1 diabetes awareness next Monday.  If you want to purchase a t-shirt, check out the Raise Your Voice shop (all profits to be donated to the JDRF).  And if you'd like a logo for your site, check out the new color schemes that Gina whipped up (and she's in the final countdown to her wedding date, so thanks for all your help, G!).   Just click on the link, then right-click on the image to save it to your computer. 

Raise Your Voice!
(Just right-click on this to save it) 
There are other options:

Green Version

Green V.2

Primary Colors 

Purple Version 

Blue Version 

Purple and Green Version 

This week, we can brainstorm ways to raise awareness, both on and off the blogs.  For me, I'm planning on blogging about what I wish people knew about type 1 diabetes in hopes that people will recognize how all-consuming this disease can be for diabetics and their families.  How will you mark the day?  Will you talk to a co-worker?  Will you write a post on your own blog about how type 1 diabetes affects your life?  Share your ideas and let's see how we can raise awareness for the disease we live with every day.


Green is Brendon's favorite color, so I'll post one of the green ones on my blog.

I'm working on picking through some ideas I have for a post. I feel very creative thanks to this :)

I've posted the purple and green one with a link back to your original Alert Day post. I've also already started writing my post for Monday, but I'll probably change the topic twenty times before then.

Well, Monday I'll go live with my insulin pump, which seems very fitting for Type 1 Awareness Day. (It must be fate that my appt had to be switched from tomorrow to next Monday.) I'll be sure to blog about how I'm feeling about taking on a new chapter in my diabetes life. And I'll encourage my readers to ask questions. (It's primarily a knitting blog, but everyone is always so supportive.) Thanks for your comment last week too - I hope you got the reply I e-mailed to you!

I bought a button and a t-shirt!! I'm excited to wear my button to work on monday. I hope lots of people ask me what its all about.

If I can get it organized in time, I'm planning a sort of photo essay for my journal to show everyone the insane amount of gear my four-year-old has to tote around with her everywhere she goes. I'm waffling between making it one large post, or stretching it out all week.

I'll go with Nora's favorite colors--the purple/green combo!

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