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Raise Your Voice: Two More Weeks

No, I'm not going to pull any fast ones this fine April Fool's Day.  I'm all business today.  ;)

Two weeks from today, on April 14th, we'll Raise Our Voices for Type 1 Diabetes Awareness.  With "diabetes" being one term that covers such diverse territory, it's important to make the distinction that not all "cures for diabetes" or "new diabetes drugs" benefit the type 1 community.  We need progressive and aggressive awareness of type 1 diabetes.  But in order for people to listen, we need to be loud. 


So far, I've received several logo designs and they are wicked cool.  :)  The judging panel is assembled and ready to view your submissions (to win the cool scale).  Here are the rules, in case you missed them the first time around:

  1. Design a logo (the size cap is 200 x 300 pixels). 
  2. Include the event name:  "Raise Your Voice!" 
  3. Have fun designing it.
  4. Maybe have a snack while you're designing - apples are tasty.   
  5. Email it to me as an attachment to kerri [at] sixuntilme [dot] com with the subject line "LOGO CONTEST" no later than 3 pm on Thursday, April 3rd
  6. Grin because it's done and submitted.

So what can we do to raise awareness on April 14th?  You can write about your diagnosis story.  Maybe a post about your most challenging diabetes moment and how you handled it.  How about when you first explained diabetes to your date/co-worker/client/inquisitive family member?  When people ask you "Ah, you use insulin ...  you must have it really bad," how do you respond?  What do you wish people knew about the condition you, or your child, lives with every day? 

Here's our chance to raise our voices together - so let me know if you have any ideas or suggestions on reaching as many ears as possible!


Try as I might, I can't formulate a clever joke about reaching ears. Nonetheless, I've only got two hands, so I'll reach for what I can ;)

All joking aside, thanks for putting all of this together!!

I hope you'll share the logo with everyone, too!

I cracked up. Then I realized I would have cracked up more had it been the original video of Beaker singing "Feelings". LOL.

How soon with the logo be available? I'd like a t-shirt to wear on the 14th.

Which of those dimensions is width?

I'd like to wear a t-shirt too Amy! We're running out of time though. The lack of information/education of Type 1 frustrates me so much - thanks for tackling this. How can I help in Cincinnati?

Hi Amy, what a great site. I'd love to contribute to your raise your voice page about my story and how I am LIVING with diabetes, not suffering from it.

Kerri, What a great thing you are doing! Please add me to your email list. We should all do what we can to "raise" awareness.

Can anyone tell me what causes diabetes? I have heard that there is a direct link to a overly dominate parent that does not allow a child to express their frustrations, which they inturn suppress, which inturn tell the body that theirs something wrong with the pancrease and so it attacks it as an enemy. Much like miscarrages which a overly emotional mother to be causes the body to look at the yet born baby as a threat, and so it gets ride of the problem. I know this sounds bizar, but it only been 20 years or so that we have learned that ulsers are directly linked to over suppressed worrying.
If anyone can help me on this I would be much appritiated!
from timothyghill@msn.com

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