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Raised Voices.

A quick look around the medical blogosphere has people already raising their voices.  Here are a few examples: 

I'm off for the weekend to enjoy a night out with my friends to celebrate my upcoming wedding.  Have a great weekend and I'll be listening for all of your Raised Voices on Monday.  Please email me a link if you post something so I can include it in the live-blogging on Monday!


We raised our voice over at glucoholic.com!

First of all, I hope you have a wonderful time celebrating this weekend. :)

And second, thanks so much for the shout-out. I'm really excited about Monday (both for my pump and for Awareness Day) and I'll be sure to e-mail you the link to my post.

Have a great weekend!!

I'm raising my voice by posting a blog about T1D Awareness day. Also, letting people know that if they donate towards our walk on May 31st on April 14th - I will add an additional 10% to their donation out of my pocket.

Kerri, I raised my voice at my blog, You probably will not understand it because it is written is Slovak language, but I loved your idea and made the Type 1 awareness day an international thing. I have encouraged our people to raise their voice in our little country. I have also created a special chat room at the most visited chat in Slovakia, I will see how it will work tomorrow ;o)

Thanks so much for the links. Good luck with RYV today!

I am a teen that has type one diabetes and i want to raise awareness at my high school can anyone give me any ideas on how to achieve that goal?

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