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The Friday Six: Randomness.

The Friday Six:  The April 18, 2008 editionThis week has been very, very busy, what with the Raise Your Voice event on Monday, a pile of work at dLife, and not to mention that my wedding is exactly one month from today.  (Oh my goodness, one month?)  Welcome to the Random Friday Six.

1.  First things first:  the Raise Your Voice event was a huge success and there were so many posts across the blogosphere that were touching, educational, and several that just plain made me cry because they were so beautiful.  And I wore my RYV shirt to the gym last night and had two people ask me about it.  So, once again, I'm so proud to be a member of this supportive and inspiring community.  

2.  There are plenty of new articles on ye olde Internet about the power of blogging.  The health writers at SheKnows.com have profiled Six Until Me and how blogging can impact a chronic illness patient.  Studies are being conducted on blogging.  Articles have even cropped up, showing how bloggers are suffering the consequences of their 24/7 lifestyles.  Blogging is taking the world by storm (as we knew), and it's changing lives (even in Canada)!  We're part of a movement that's changing the face of business, and it's just simply awesome.

3.  On the work front, dLife has been nominated for a Webby Award!  Thanks to the power of a crack editorial team (ahem) and the incredible diabetes resource that dLife has become in the last three years, we've been nominated for Best Health Site.  It would be great if you could take a few minutes and cast your vote for dLife - for all of our diabetes lives. Voting closes on May 1st.  Thanks!

4.  In the land of mindless links, here are a few that have brought me great joy:  Ridiculously fat Garfield cat.  This comic from xkcd about social networking.   And this awesome link that spells out any word or phrase using funky letter photos.  Like SixUntilMe.  Or Kerri.  I was sucked into this for about 15 minutes.  Then I thought about David Bowie and had a quick "Let's Dance" office party.  Oh we put on our red shoes for sure.

5.  Grammar question:  I drink plenty of cold coffee with ice.  I call this concoction "iced coffee."  But I've heard - way too many times - this drink called "ice coffee."  Ice coffee?  This does not compute in my editor head.  Ice coffee?  Like little frozen ice cubes of coffee?  Blargh.  It's iced, right?

6.  After realizing how expensive a train ticket home to Providence has become, and after also realizing how long it's been since I've spent the weekend in CT, I'm digging in my heels and staying put this weekend.  No traveling.  No chaos.  (No eating anything fancy, either, because my final wedding gown fitting is next weekend.)  Maybe Chris and I will head off to the city for the day when he comes home from his business trip.  Either way, it's going to be mellowed-out central in my little world.  And that sounds pretty damn good to me.

Have a kick-arse weekend!  


Ahem, professional copy editor/proofreader speaking. It's "iced" coffee. Also iced tea.

I say iced tea because it's easy to blend the "d" sound into a "t" sound. But, then I say ice coffee. I'm too lazy to sound out the "d" and then continue to the next word to sound out the "c". Saying ice coffee is much more relaxing for me.

OMG I can't stop looking at that cat. He looks like Catzilla!

Mellow away and have a good weekend :)

I think Ice Coffee was this really bad rapper from the 90's. You know like all the other ice's.

T, Cube, Tray, Dry, Just, Vanilla, and many more.

Hi, Kerri! Have a great, relaxing weekend! And I would definitely say, "iced coffee." : ) But I always order a hot coffee, so I don't have to worry about that!

Regarding 'iced'-vs.-'ice'-coffee: It's a dialectal shift in progress! We don't actually pronounce it "d" at the end of "iced", we say "t", and it's easy to miss hearing that, particularly if we've been primed by hearing "iced tea", where the "t" sound at the end of "iced" and the "t" sound at the beginning of "t" run together. And I think we have been primed, since iced tea has been around in popular culture longer than iced coffee. Further, the d-less variation has likely been analyzed by its users as analogous to "ice cream" (which once was known as iced cream!) rather than as "coffee which has become iced by adding ice to it."

(I'm a linguist, and I play one on the internet.)

I'm an English major, journalism minor - I believe "iced" is correct.

Erin totally backed me up and I don't think she meant to do it, LOL.

Thanks, Erin!

I usually think of "iced coffee" as black coffee with ice, and "ice coffee" as light, sweetened coffee with ice, and sometimes sweetened whipped cream.

I take my coffee hot, black, and unsweetened, thank you...

I think of it more as a silent d, if that's at all possible. I know it's there, but sometimes it doesn't come out as iceD.

Have a great weekend!

I say iced coffee here too, but I don't drink it - blech.

And the cat, Ian positively LOVED the fat cat. He's all about fat cats. I was just saying that our female cat was getting a bit chubby and he finished with, "and fat too!"

Oh come on, it's icy coffee! (But my daughter would just say FRAP!!!)

Train tickets to CT *are* expensive. So is driving, with the gas so high. But we'll do it in July, no matter what!

It's totally iced. Duh. You're right. As if there were any question. ;-)

We're buying booze this weekend. Getting married is so tough. *giggle*

It ice coffee

It grammatically incorrect and probably politically too but oh so tasty!

Another copy editor here. It's a regionalism. Like whip cream/whipped cream and ice tea/iced tea. Or what Erin said.

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