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(Thank you, RI accent I wish I had.)

The polls are closed and we have a winner in the RYV logo competition


Gina Capone's logo!  Congratulations, Gina!  The fine folks over at EatSmart will be contacting you for your shipping address for the nutrition scale

G has also offered to create a bunch of color options for everyone to download that I'll be loading up on Monday.  Thanks, Gina for all of your hard work, and thank you to everyone who submitted a logo!  They were all awesome, and your contributions stand as yet another example of how diverse and deep the talent pool is here in the diabetes blogosphere.  And while Gina is the "official" contest winner, feel free to use whichever logo you prefer to represent your personal raised voice.

On Monday, I'll have plenty of info for RYV on April 14th, including informational downloads, t-shirts, and ideas for making a difference in your town.  In the meantime, have a great weekend and wish me luck as I meet with my DJ, photographer, and the reception hall.  :)

Have a good weekend! 


Have a great weekend Kerri.

Congratulations, Gina!!

congrats Gina! it's a great logo!

thanks kerri for your work on Raise Your Voice!

Congrats Gina!

And Kerri, thanks so much for doing this! I have a request. Can we have t-shirts in a color other than white?

Congratulations Gina! This is so cool, Kerri!

I second 'Chelle's request for nonwhite t-shirts. :)

Good luck with the DJ, Photographer and all that includes! That was my life this time last year. Lots of fun, excitement and slight stresses. :D Have fun!

Thanks everyone!

Does Rhode Island come with an accent?

Nick - RI certainly has it's own accent. And while I wish I had it, I don't. :( I can pretend(ish), though.

RI accent description

Your RI accent link inspired me to blog about Rhode Island. I've never been there, so it's pretty much just all made up.

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