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Computers Are Annoying.

This is my brain.  So last night there was another glitch here on SUM.  For some reason, I couldn't log in to my Movable Type database, comments were popping "500" errors, and my poor head - exhausted from weeks of wedding wackiness and a very busy work schedule - started to turn itself into (sugar-free) Jell-O. 

Now it seems that I'm back in the database, frantically posting something to let you guys know four things:

  1. There may be some downtime here at SUM for web maintenance.
  2. There will be downtime anyway, as I'm gone from both work and the Internet as a whole starting next Friday morning.
  3. I'm in the process of moving the blog to a new hosting platform because I can't deal with my favorite outlet for diabetes support melting every few months.
  4. Oh, and Yahoo! sucks.  

Hopefully things will stay solid for the next few weeks, but once I'm back from my honeymoon (and sporting a brand-new name and all!) I'll be making some big changes to the site here.  Hopefully Siah won't get her nose into everything and muck it up.  In any event, please be patient with me as I muddle through these last conversion hurdles and onward towards a website that's not hosted by yahoos.  ;)

But those are all future plans.  Boring until they actually happen.

For now, I need to extend a huge THANK YOU to everyone who has sent their well-wishes to my office here.  I've received more envelopes marked with "Operation Wedding Shower" that are making me smile and making me so damn proud to be a part of this community.  (Formal thank you notes are en route - I'm hoping to have them out before I leave next week, but if you don't see yours by then, please be patient with me!)  I know I've said that very thing many times before, but it's proven time and time again how important, effective, and inspiring a group of commonly-bonded individuals can be on someone's life.  So THANK YOU and Chris thanks you, too. 

We're heading home to RI this weekend to finish up all the loose ends that need to be taken care of because the wedding is next weekend.  (Whoa.)  I'm having the trial "hair do" done this afternoon, then an evening out with the girls.  We'll spend Mother's Day with our loved ones, then bullet back here to CT to spend our last whirlwind week as an engaged couple.

I can't believe how quickly this past year has gone by.  And I can't believe how truly excited I am to become his wife.

Onward to the weekend!   



I'm going to miss you, Kerri, while you're down..away..inoccupado...and all that jazz.

Happy Birthday, Kerri's Mom!!! And Happy Mother's Day too :)

Have a wonderful time. And enjoy this craziness. It will be over and life will move on. :)
I'll miss your posting for a while, but will wait patiently. Have a great time.

We'll miss you and hope you enjoy every, single moment.

We're going to miss you, but you deserve a break. Happy Birthday/Mother's Day, Kerri's Mom! Have a good weekend!

I will miss your postings, your humor, your links but that is not important.

You Are!!
Go get married would ya! ;-)
So happy for you Kerri. You really need that honeymoon/vacation.
My best to you both. May your day be as beautiful and wonderful as you are.

Happy Birthday Kerri's Mom and Happy Mother's Day!

Happy happy joy joy
happy happy joy joy

that's bout all I've got right now. Can't wait to see the pictures and hear how it all went. Enjoy!

Best wishes to you and Chris...and happy birthday to your Mom! We're all looking forward to seeing the beautiful dress, the more beautiful bride and groom, and all the other fab wedding details. :)

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