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A Delayed A1C.

Stuff that needs to get done.I used to be a more organized person, though you wouldn't know by looking at my desk or in my bag.  Like most creative people, I'm a bit of a slob.  But an organized slob, if such a thing exists.  (I know precisely what pile of papers that story idea is hidden, I swear!)

I spent the last year with diverted attention, trying to plan a 200 guest wedding while working both a full-time job and managing a freelance career.  Things like changing my pump site, exercising, and testing my blood sugar didn't fall by the wayside, but things like A1c check-ups, endocrinologist appointments, and prescription maintenance did.  Now that the wedding dust is starting to settle, I'm noticing I haven't had an A1c done in eight months.  I also have an envelope of prescriptions I need to send to the mail order pharmacy.  I should plug in my meter and pump and siphon out all these results.  Nevermind the several appointments that need to be scheduled, namely with a dentist, endocrinologist, and gynecologist.  (Whoops, TMI, perhaps?  Shake it off, F.R's.)

I find it a bit tough to chase down the wagon after I've taken a tumble.  After so many months of being focused on things other than diabetes management, these distracted trends have unfortunately become habit.  I need to keep up the good habits that are already in place and start wrangling with the bad ones.  

My diabetes to-do list is short, but sweet.  (Too many puns there to pick just one.)  I need to start downloading my blood sugars.  I'm a moron for not doing this, because it's so easy with all the computer software available now.  I need to make (and KEEP) my doctor's appointments.  And I definitely need to reacclimate myself to the Dexcom.  With all the wedding stuff, I never had a chance to start the insurance process.  I'm now waiting to hear from the insurance representative at Dexcom so I can arm myself with the information I need to make Oxford Health listen up. 

Time to buckle back down and regain some semblance of control.  Of my diabetes.  (The Sausage cat?  Well shoot, the cat ate so much while we were on our honeymoon that her little gray body is no longer little.  She's less sausage and more haggis at this point.  Time to slim down the ol' feline, because when she jumps on the bed, she leaves a Siah-sized dent.  Once I get my diabetes reigned in, Siah is next.)

Editor's Note:  Thanks to those of you who let me know that comments weren't working on this post.  I hope the problem is fixed now! 


It is totally understandable that you have gotten behind on that kind of stuff. A wedding takes lots of time and energy.
You'll get back on track in no time.
As for Siah...I think they have low-fat cat food. :P

It's good to let go of that wedding stress. It's good to spend some time on diabetes management too. I like uploading my numbers to the computer because then I can just print it and bring it to my appointments. It helps because I've never ben good at keeping logbooks!

Good luck!!!

Don't be so hard on yourself - you're not a Moron anymore, you're Sparkling!!
Now, how's that for a pun!?!!

Michael -

I was waiting for someone to make that pun! I am just glad it wasn't me.

P.S. My cats are overweight too, and are shedding like crazy. Summer lion shave here we come!

Cara - Thanks! I hope to be back on track soon. And LOL at low-fat cat food. I'm actually considering it.

Marie - Keeping logbooks is such a chore for me. I hope I can get with, and stick with, the program!

Michael - HA!

Sara - You shave your cats right down? Hmmm ... I'd love to see Siah all bald. Point to ponder.

Sara, those pictures are AWESOME.

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