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Jeff Vader Runs the Death Star?

The Friday Six:  June 27, 2008 editionIt's hazy.  Hot.  Humid.  Perfect weather for a snitt fart.  Or the Friday Six.

1.  Yesterday, I received my copy of Laurie Edwards' book "Life Disrupted: Getting Real About Chronic Illness in Your Twenties and Thirties."  I'm honored to have been a part of this project as one of the five people with chronic illness that she interviewed.  If you are living with chronic illness, or if you care about someone who is, this book should be on your bedside table. 

2.  So what are you up to on July 12th?  If you're a diabetes blogger and in the New England area, you should meet-up with Bernard and others at the first New England Bloggers Meet-up.  I'm trying my best to be there that weekend, but I know there will be plenty of PWDs peddling around.  Check out the events page at TuDiabetes for more events in your area!

3.  Also, July 1 has been dubbed CGMS Denial Day.  Have you been battling with your insurance companies for continuous glucose monitoring coverage?  I've been writing about my experiences with Dexcom and insurance coverage here on SUM, and I'm definitely not the only diabetic who is trying to gain coverage.  Should insurance companies be covering these CGMs?  Should the manufacturers be charging less for their product?  Share your thoughts on your blog next Tuesday!

4.  With the CWD conference coming up quickly (I am so excited to be attending this year!), it's time to brush up on your Disney with diabetes skills.  Thankfully, Bennet of YDMV has written a terrific tip sheet that's published on dLife.  Check it out - and also find out about how he cooked insulin in a fridge.  (Yes, really.) 

5.  In non-diabetes stuff, we're still doing wedding wrap-up.  This week has been busy - and FAST.  We've just heard from our photographer who won't have our photo disc and album to us until August.  ARGH.  In this digital, instant-info age, that time frame infuriates me.  But in better news, our thank you cards/emails are almost completed, but we received several gifts without cards.  If you sent something to my office and I haven't sent you a card or an email, PLEASE email me!  I want to thank everyone for their tremendous generosity and kindness - you are such an amazingly giving and wonderful community and Chris and I are so grateful for all of your well-wishes.  I want to properly thank everyone who thought of us!  (Especially whoever sent the cat wine topper thing.  I freaking love it and haven't been able to track down who sent it!) 

6.  And this weekend is going to be awesome, for several reasons.  First, we aren't going to be schlepping back to RI and spending hours on end in traffic.  (Boo on not seeing friends and family, but holy YAY for relaxing!)  We're off to see Wall-E tonight - because I am a five year old - and tomorrow night we're going to see Eddie Izzard at Radio City Music Hall.  I.  Cannot.  Wait.  We ordered these tickets MONTHS ago and I've been looking forward to it since.  I have loved Mr. Izzard for quite some time now and am thrilled at the opportunity see him perform - at Radio City, no less!!!

Monday, Monday, Monday ... I'll see you then.  :) 


Thanks for the mention, Kerri!

I was honored to have your story and your wonderful insights into the emotional impact of illness in the book. I tried to capture views from across the chronic illness spectrum, and diabetes is such an important part of this broader population!

Sounds like an amazing weekend. HAve a great one!

Yeah well I try but cooking insulin in the fridge is not any where near as funny as the insults you get from the treadmill.

Wall-E is awesome! My guy and I went to the midnight showing last night; yes we are also still kids who stay up late for a movie. But it rocked! I'd like to hear what you think about it :)

Hope the weekend goes well.

Have a wonderful and relaxing weekend. And enjoy Wall-E (I always laugh at this cause my dad's name is Wallie).

OMG, really? I loooove Eddie Izzard. Let me know how fabulous his shoes are, please. :)

Took the whole family to see Wall*E.

Loved it.

If you are attending the FFL conferance please send me you picture for the Adult collage.

Personal Dex Update: I commented on one of your posts that my ins. was paying 70%of my Dex supplies, just not the original Dex. Well my insurance did a complete turnaround and has now denied the claims Dex has sent in! That just doesn't seem right to me. Guess I'm joining the CGMS denial day!

About the photography: I know it seems frustrating to have to wait, but if he (she?) is doing his job and color correcting all the photos, it's time well spent. Our photographer kind of skipped that step, and our first batch of wedding photos were awful. Everyone looked sort of gray/green. It was like "Wedding Reception of the Living Dead."

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