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Job Perks.

Should be a fun time!I've worked plenty of crappy jobs (none as crappy as the Poopsmith, but pretty crummy nonetheless), so I don't feel bad at all about enjoying my current job at dLife.  Aside from terrific co-workers who both inspire and entertain me, a quick commute, and the opportunity to be creative, I have the chance to make a difference in both my diabetes life and the lives of other people living with diabetes.  (Not to mention the traveling Frog.)

Oh, and they've decided to send me to the CWD conference in July.  :D  I am very excited!

I've never been to the Children With Diabetes Friends for Life conference, but I've heard some great things about it.  Chris and I be traveling on Tuesday and arriving early in Orlando, then attending as many of the events that we can.  Any suggestions on what focus groups are expected to be the most informative?  What are you guys most interested in hearing feedback on?  And if I have the chance to embroider my name on Mickey Mouse ears, should I do it? 

Maybe ears that say "Sausage."  I wonder if she'd wear them.

If you are attending the conference, I'd love to hear from you.  I'm excited at the opportunity to meet some of the people I've been communicating with over the past three years, to see what kinds of events are offered, and to walk into a room filled with the friends and family members of diabetics and think, "Everyone here understands."


See ya there! :D

P.S. I've lived down here for three years and this is the first time I am going.

See ya there

I'll be there too! My first conference as well, and I've heard so many good things. I can't wait!

How early are you getting to the airport? I'm coming in early Tuesday, if you want to meet and share a cab to the hotel.

Email me a chloegirl20008@hotmail.com, if you want to.

Kerri, there are quite a few bloggers coming to the CWD conference and I am organizing a dinner for all of us at the hotel Wednesday night (you may have seen me mention this on my blog a couple weeks ago). When I sent out the email with the information I will add you to the list.

Sara, Mandy and I are attending the young adult breakfast and reception, and I am going to the young adults and diabetes management focus group. It will be great to have you and Chris there! Are you manning the dLife booth at all or just attending?

We'll be there too! It's our first FFL. After attending a regional conference, I was convinced that we needed to go to "the big one". :) As for focus groups, I'm interested in the FDA ones on meters and CGMS, and hearing how they see progress towards an artificial pancreas.

gaaa...I'm not going this year..next year though.

You'll have a blast from wast I hear.

You'll be going from a heat wave on the east coast to the natural heat we have here in FL. Its been in the 90's for the past two weeks!

They're going to look at you strange when you ask to embroider your full name on your mouse ears.

We will be there, too! I hope we can get the chance to meet you and introduce you to Zoe (as you will be her mentor, I am sure). And a HUGE congratulations to you for the wedding, it sounded perfectly wonderful.

I see how it is.

The first time we move out of Florida, and you guys decide to come down.

This will not go unnoticed.

However, have a good time, if you can, without us. (We wish we were going, too!)

Jealous.... I've always wanted to go to that but never had the readies.

Major cool, I'll be there as well.

You'll love it.
(two time FFL veteran)

Awesome - I'm excited to see you all there!

A warm welcome to you all! Please remember the Young Adults Dinner and Salsa Dancing on Friday night! 7:00 to midnight! There will be a father-daughter instructor duo right there to help you learn salsa dancing if you are a newbie. Weds - remember the grand opening of the exhibit hall is 6:00-9:00 (plenty of food - maybe you should go out for dessert afterwards?). And, as always, looking forward to everyone's suggestions and feedback. See you in 6 weeks!

We will be there too! Why don't you guys who are attending RSVP for this event invite, so we can see if we can plan a TuDiabetes meetup while we are all in Orlando.

Kerri! Congrats on the wedding! Hey, I will be at CWD in Orlando working the Cozmo booth. Come and see me, I would love to finally meet you!

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