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Scampering Paws Friday Six.

The Friday Six:  June 6, 2008 editionThere has been so much work going on this week that we're all in meltdown mode on a Friday afternoon.  Columns are being edited, podcasts are being uploaded, and deadlines are being met.  But there's an air of Friday meltdown in the office, which includes outbursts of laughter, iced coffee, and fun.  Time for a post-wedding Friday Six!

1.  There is a dog here in the office today.  Usually, this dog is extremely chill and very well-mannered.  But for some reason, today Lucy the Dog is training for a marathon.  She's been racing up and down the hallways, occassionally munching on a squeaky toy.  So every few minutes, you hear the frantic scampering of doggy feet, accompanied by squeeeeeeeak squeeeak squeaky. This is what it sounds like in my brain when things get very hectic.  Strange to see it and hear it happening in real life.

2.  We spent a lot of time last night loading up the honeymoon pictures to Flickr.  There are some fun shots of Chris and I horseback riding on the beach, dining on the beach, and enjoying the evening scenery.  We're proofing our wedding album and hoping to receive our photo disk from the photographer next week, so wedding day photos are coming soon.

3.  I received an email from Austin Cooper last night, asking for a mention of his medical ID site, Evasion ID.  He created these bracelets as medical alert jewelry that PWDs would actually want to wear.  Check out his creations - they are pretty cool.  And 10% of all purchases goes towards the JDRF, so there's a little charity involved in this venture as well.

4.  Also, Tandem Diabetes Care in San Diego, CA is launching a new insulin pump soon.  They're also sporting a new, yet almost completely empty, website.  I received an email from their team yesterday, looking to gain some traction in the blogosphere.  I asked them for some information on the product but they didn't have any they were willing to share.  Hmmm ... would've been better to have some product details instead of a "coming soon" website, but hopefully they'll have something to show us in the near future.

5.  Back in the world of diabetes social networking, Lindsey Guerin of dLife's Blogabetes has started her own diaebtes network on Ning - Diabetic Echoes.   According to the site, "Echoes wants to provide an international place for every diabetic to get information, support and ideas. We hope to provide new treatments, physician's information, emotional support and a global community to you."  Will another new network survive?  Only time will tell. 

6.  And Nick over at Diabetes360 is looking for a new name for his insulin pump.  As he is Waldo's godfather (oh just typing that sounds ridiculously silly, as the dog scampers by with the squeaky toy in her mouth one more time), I have a vested interest in the moniker assigned to Nick's pump.  If you're feeling a bit silly this afternoon, offer up some suggestions for Nick. 

This weekend will be filled with thank you notes, a visit to a few local arts fairs, and maybe a trip to the beach.  It's supposed to be 90+ degrees in western CT this weekend, with enough humidity to make Siah as flat and listless as a kitty pancake.  Stay cool this weekend, and for my friends and co-workers at ADA's 68th Scientific Sessions in San Francisco, have fun!! 



You both look so happy and relaxed on your honeymoon. What a beautiful place!!

Um, the bell hop took your pictures? Wait, asked to take some shots? What? Weird, what country? ha ha.

The photos are amazing. You looked relaxed on the horse, I am seriously jealous of this part of your honeymoon. The parrot shots are great, the one of Chris, the look on his face, ha ha!

Thanks for posting!

congrats on your wedding! The pictures are just wonderful and its great to see two people who love each other come together in that way. Now I need to go check out the new diabetes network and see what thats all about.

Ooooh, local arts fairs? You are probably (hopefully) out enjoying them and won't get this until after the weekend . . . but if you do, where are they having them? Google didn't help me much. My husband and I are going to Stratford Day today - but that's become less "arts" and more "junk" over the years.

Can't believe how hot it will be already. We are just getting back from a week in Baltimore, and were glad to be leaving when we heard the weekend forcast. I was shocked to come home and find it will be just a hot here! Have fun and stay cool!!

Kerri: Much congrats on the beginning of your new life! I had to chuckle when I woke on your wedding day and thought of you and Chris, my cyber-friends. Also, thanks for the medical id link. I've been searching for something my 12 will consistently wear and my son just had a friend diagnosed at 16. Both would love this style and I made my order this morning! Love the OC!


Hey what is youz tryn' ta say - dat Little Nicky is da Gad Fadda?

Now youz knowz dat Little Nick - he is just a regguler car wash kinda guy see? He haz nothing - no way - ta do with any mob if-ing dere was a mob, which dere ain't none of - no wayz - see.

Nicky he haz friendz who would tink it waz a personable offense ta hear youz is saying tings 'bout his charachter, which he has got a lot of see?

Nick he is just a regguler guy. And youz better keep dat straight see?

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