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CGMS: Denied.

I submitted the paperwork when I applied,
But my CGM coverage was flat-out denied.

All that we want is the option to choose
What kind of dManagement tools that we use.
The technology works and it's there, on our side.
So why would requests be rejected, denied?
It's not like we're asking to have legs removed.
Instead, we are hoping our health is improved!
It costs them some money, this investment in health
But of course it becomes more a question of wealth.
These machines could save lives - does that count more than cash?
Or would companies rather see us burn and crash?

I just want the option to sleep through the night
Without lows creeping up and holding me tight.
Or the chance to see graphs that show my sugar trends
So I know how to best tweak the insulin end.
I want to be healthy.  I want to be sure
That my numbers are stable, my safety secure.
I'm a daughter, a sister, a friend, and a wife.
The investment is small when compared to my life.
I enjoy some "good fun" and I'm healthy today
And a CGM tool can help keep me this way.

When it comes to our lives, there is a clear choice.
We deserve all the options.  We must raise our voice.

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Beautiful Kerri!!!

I love it, simply love it!

SHITE SANDWICHES. This is beyond unfair.

Awesome!!! I just put up a post on my new Diabetes blog. I also put it on my knitting blog, and my TuDiabetes blog and my DiabeticFriends blog. I figure I'd post it wherever I could - and raise my voice AS LOUD AS POSSIBLE!!!!!

I love the way you rhyme.
But don't be a mime.
Keep raising your voice
so you have a choice
to sleep safe and sound
so no lows creep around.
Insurance companies don't see the big picture
The CGMS needs to be a fixture.

I can't help but compare this back to the early 1900's when animal insulin was adapted for human use. Those who were slowly dying from this disease by slow starvation and the eventual ketoacidosis of the body. Can you possibly imagine the horror for those individuals and their families to watch these deaths unfold? The horror of this disease had to have been monumental. Moreover after the "cure" was found those who had to wait until it was available for them. I can only imagine the desperation for those on the waiting list back then. We have come along way baby, but not far enough. With the real cure (assuming there can be one) still on the horizon we are left with the latest technology to live as long as one can with as few complications as possible. CGMS is the dawn of one having the consistently normal blood sugars we need. Those who make this technology and those who pay for it, must align their priorities to make this available to every type one. If those who say that is not practical I offer this up. If your own children had type 1 would that change your opinion of what is practical and needed?

love it kerri. thank you.

Hi - I just found your blog through Google Reader, and while it kind of creeps me out that they're looking at my browser history to recommend new feeds, I'm glad I found this site.

As for the CGMS: I'm getting one of these tomorrow, but I'll only have it for a week.

It is good to see all this medical up rising.
Might have better results by realizing that most all items covered by insurance are only covered by insurance companies after the Fed's Medicare program has approved a procedure or hard equipment, or so I have read

lulz...that was awesome and a very creative way to get an important point across, kerri seuss ^_^

I love your creative voice! Our insurance will cover the CGMS but I am still showing my support on my blog... it's important that everyone has access to the tools they need.

One mile ambulance ride to hospital: $2920.00
Hospital bill for useless tests: $33592.94
Box of ten sensors: $350

Denial of benefits: Priceless

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