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CWD: Pictures Say 3,000 Words, Then I Say A Few.

It's late, but I had to load up some of the pictures from today.

Kerri Sparling and Jeff Hitchcock

This is Jeff Hitchcock, the mind behind the CWD website and the founder of the conference.  This photo was from the First-Timers seminar, which helped people like me who had never attended the conference before to get a sense of what it's all about.  (And what's it all about?  I'll get to that in a minute.)

Kerri Sparling and Doug Burns at CWD

Doug Burns was also popping about, and he took a few minutes to help me muddle through some of my fitness questions.  There's something so empowering about seeing someone in terrific physical condition and knowing they've reached that level despite the chaos of diabetes.

Le Bloggers

And this, well, this is what it's all about.  A few bloggers met up for dinner tonight and "talked shop."  (A few people are missing from the photo - it was a revolving door at our table!)  It's an honor to share stories, advice, and laughs with people who really understand.  Thank you so much to everyone I had the opportunity to meet today.  You guys are seriously bad ass. 

(No, I didn't have a chance to unmask Goofy today.  But there's always tomorrow.  Watch out, Goofy.  I'm lookin' for you.)

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Great photos Kerri!

Thanks for sharing. Looks like a great first day for a first-timer. ;-)

Love the photos!! First, I have to say, I love your hair lighter- if that's from the sun, I'm envious! ;)
I see some familiar faces there. It's incredible how far-reaching our community is, yet we've had the pleasure of meeting some of the same great people in person!

Wish I Was There! ;)

Glad your having a blast. Take lots of pics and tell us all about your experience!

Hey is that Bennett Dunlap in that picture? If it is, tell him Nick said hi and that I am jealous we aren't there!

I'm glad that you're having so much fun! Great pics!

definitely has to be Bennett in that picture. Who else?
And I suspect that if you life Goofy's head you'll find Bennett under it. lol.

Anyway, glad you're having fun! Keep us all posted.

I'm happy that we met Kerri , as I told you yesterday ,I just registered to your website few weeks before the conference.I believe the FFL conference this year is the best ,I told Laura that it really incredible to have the opportunity to participate in such phenomenal conference .

Cute blogger group picture! Especially that girl in purple! :D

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