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(We interrupt the CWD recap to bring you yet another moment in Kerri's graceless, awkward life.) 

A few months ago, a small crack splintered across the screen of my Motorolla Q.  It wasn't too noticable, but I resolved to replace the thing once my contract ran up in August. 

Monday morning, as I was talking with my editor-in-chief, the Q slipped out of my hand and smashed against the concrete dLife floors.  (I am so clumsy.)

Holy busted Q.

"Oh darn!"  I said, substituting "darn" with another, more colorful exclamation.  The screen was destroyed.  Just running my finger along the surface sent little sprinkles of plastic everywhere.

After consulting with my boss, my co-workers, and the fine minds at Twitter, I was urged to call Verizon and see if they could bump up my renewal date.

"Hi, this is Kerri Morrone."  (The post-marriage name change hasn't happened on my bills yet.)  "I just accidentally smashed my phone against the floor and now there are pieces of the screen in my ear as I speak with you.  Can you help me?"

The customer service guy laughed.  "Oh no!  We need to fix that!"

"Would it be possible to move my renewal date to today?"  I crossed my fingers, bits of screen stuck to my left cheek.

"Ms. Morrone, I'm making that change as we speak."

Twenty minutes later, I was buying my new addiction.  This thing: 

Crackberry for sure.

I am experiencing full-on TechnoJoy.  Instead of reading the manual cover to cover, I've instead just started banging away on the buttons and checking out all the new features, making up "how" as I go along.  My boss is blue-toothing me ringtones.  My brother is hooking me up with tips.  And I actually registered at a site called (God help me) Crackberry.com.  While I love a well-tended garden, waves crashing against shore, and the overall brilliance of nature, this little techy gadget thing has me completely enthralled.

Chris made fun of me and my new gadget addiction.  He called it a KerriBerry. 

I agree:  A life would be good.

In the meantime, if you have a suggestion for a Blackberry tips site, or a useful forum I should check out for fun bits, please let me know!  I'm hopelessly addicted already.

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Sorry to hear about your fatality, welcome to crackberry's anonymous! LOL.
I have a bit of the touch screen envy from that other fruit company but I played with one and texting on it is much harder while doing other things, like driving or taking blood sugars. LOL.

Kerri, if you have any pull with the meter and pump companies, suggest to them to get their next versions wireless or bluetooth compatible so that we can get our readings on our crackberries and the like. I feel like I need a utility belt already between my communications technology and my pump and meter stuff. This is one area where convergence would be handy!

Have fun with your new addiction!

Ha. I have a friend who always buys cell phone insurance because she breaks or loses so many phones.

I'm lucky if I know how to text message. Jeff and I were practicing with each other and I couldn't figure out the spacing, so he got one long run on word/sentence from me.

Sorry, I have no useful tips!!

I LOVE Twitterberry. It works well and is easy to update.

glad verizon treats you better than me. I had a malfunctioning phone, had been a good customer for just shy of 2 years and they wouldn't do anything for me. Cell phone companies might actually rank below health insurance companies in my book!

Goodness, is that a phone? I am SO in the dark ages.

You really know how to put a new spin on the slang term, Crackberry, Ms. Sparling. Sheesh.

Oh gosh, my cell phone is so old I'm not even sure it CAN text. So sadly, I have no "berry" tips to share, and I've never even used any colored-tooth technology either.

At least I can build templates for my knitting and diabetes blogs, work my pump, and upload it and my meter!! :)

I'm less apt to throw my Crackberry than the Razr phone that work bought for me.

I need to get a KerriBerryBumper like you have though.

Shiny new technology!

It's not a CGMS but it is still pretty cool! :D

Oh, TCBIM has one of these and I sneak off with it whenever I get the chance. I lust after a crackberry, but alas, cannot afford the unlimited data plan I want.... *le sigh*


I just got mine a couple of weeks ago (http://flickr.com/photos/aubreyh/2715752192/), haven’t put it down yet. As far as sites crackberry.com is my favorite but I do have a couple of others, (http://dossy.org/twitter/blackbird/) for the twitter stuff, (http://www.blackberrycool.com/) for the gotta have apps, themes, wallpapers and news.

What's up with the phone fatalities?

Monday, I had to replace the one I lost at Universal on Saturday.
Yeah for technology and renewals!

I am shocked that you had such a good experience with verizon customer service! I had 4 phones break on me and they wouldn't budge until I got really insistent. How far into your contract were you? Maybe you were due for an upgrade anyway?

Welcome to the world of BlackBerry Kerri! I have the curve from Verizon too and it is by far my favorite phone of all time!! They really do call it "crackberry" for a reason lol. As for helpful sites, BB's own site is helpful for certain things, as is the one you already mentioned and for cool, pretty cheap themes check out www.bplay.com. Enjoy it :)

So you have joined the "Blackberry Elite", as it is called in my circle of friends. I opted for the palm centreo, as I wanted to combine my palm and my phone. I love it!
FYI you most likely know about calorieking.com via mobile but they also have a downloadable data base for those times when net signal is not available.
-Have fun in Happy Berryville! PS Crackberry reminds me of a kids cereal, maybe it should be something like a crackleberry crunch phone. much more fun than blackberry.

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