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Image credit:  http://homepages.cae.wisc.edu/I know this is how it will go when I get to the dentist's office:

Dental Hygenist:  Okay, Kerri.   You just need to sit right back here and relax.

Kerri's Mind:  No relaxing.  No relaxing at all.  Get that freaking bib away from me. I do not want to sit in this damn chair.

Kerri:  Sure thing.

Dental Hygenist:  Great!  So let's just get started with your cleaning, okay?  First, I'll stuff your face with cotton balls and then scrape at your mouth with this metal hook.

Kerri's Mind:  Get the hell away from me.

Kerri:  Sure.  

Dental Hygenist:  You haven't been to the dentist in about a year.  Why such a long gap between cleanings?

Kerri's Mind:  You people terrify me.  It hurts when you scrape around in my mouth and the anxiety just about kills me.  I hate coming to the dentist.  I'd rather take a plane ride.

Kerri:  Oh you know - I've been really busy with work and traveling home and all that stuff.  (Nervous laugh.)

Dental Hygenist:  Okay, well it looks like you have some build-up.  Let me just balance my elbows on your jaw while I dig around in here.  Then the dentist will come in and make you cry.

Kerri's Mind:  This is f-ing torture.

Kerri:  No problem.  Thanks.

I am long overdue for a teeth cleaning and a dental check-up.  I've been reading through the diabetes and oral care articles at work and they've made me realize that I need to get my arse to the dentist.  While I brush my teeth several times a day with my Oral B Super Jazzy Toothbrush, floss daily, and use mouthwash to prevent gingivitis, these at-home dental moments aren't a substitute for a real teeth cleaning.  I just have the world's most sensitive teeth and every moment at the dentist's office is completely uncomfortable. 

Is a fear of the dentist irrational?  I have to go, though, right?  My parents spent a fortune on braces ... I think I owe it to them to have a cleaning.  Sigh.

Diabetes, you force me to make responsible decisions sometimes.   Arghhhh!


Hang in there Kerri.

Your fear is rational and natural. No one wants anyone poking around in there. The noises and instruments are enough to make Any "strong" person run for the door.

And you do need to go. Oral hygiene is SO important.

Sorry to hear that. As a youth in Ireland I spent a lot of time in a dentists chair. The advantage - I can easily fall asleep with my mouth wide open. The downside...I sometimes wake with a slight jerk.

You can call me strange, you wouldn't be the first.

Ick. You and I have the same thoughts about the dentist. It's been about a year for me too, and I'm SO incredibly NOT looking forward to going! Don't make me do it!

Good luck - you're inspiring me to go now too!

NO, THE FEAR IS NOT IRRATIONAL!!! Dentists are all sadists, I tell you. Into pain and torture, I'm sure.

*ahem* Okay, maybe not - but I so know where you are coming from. My childhood dentist NEVER used novacaine, so I live in fear of denist appointments and space them way too far apart. Which, of course, causes them to lecture me, which only makes me feel worse. Do you get those dentist lectures too? Almost as fun as the tooth scraping and drilling, huh?

But, it is more fun than all of our teeth falling out. I'll be brave and go if you will too! :o)

My mom ran out crying from a visit....this was a few months ago!! LOL.

She's terrified because when she was a little girl, she was scared and so they'd tie her arms down to the chair while they checked, cleaned teeth and filled cavities. And she'd struggle trying to get free.

So now she sees student dentists at a school in Manhattan for little cost and they're really sensitive to how nervous she is. Now she's OK..not good..but OK about getting her toofus worked on.

I hate the dentist. I feel your pain.

I loathe the dentist. I tell them right away that I am the biggest baby there is and if they have any sense in their heads, they'll have the mondo sized needles of novocaine and maybe some valium for after.

You don't want to know how long it as been for me too!

That's the only thing that the endo harasses me on. I know I need to go but I have all the excuses - no time, don't know a good one, etc.

We poke our fingers. We jab ourselves with needles, infusion sites, and CGM transmitters. We get blood drawn four times per year. And to top it all off we have to walk around with dialated pupils twice a year and bleeding gums. Yep. It sucks.

Hate. It.

Went to a sadistic pediatric dentist when I was a kid.

Amazingly, ever since I started using an electric toothbrush, my appt times have been cut in half. Meaning, half the scraping. Meaning only 20-30 minutes in the dentist's chair instead of close to an hour. Ahhhh....

I just laughed and laughed reading this, which made the baby laugh and laugh too - so THANK YOU!
Spend the bucks on an Ultreo toothbrush (amazon has them). I went from an hour cleaning every 3 months to a half-hour cleaning every 6 months! Well worth the money. And that was going from an already electric toothbrush to this new one that is state of the art. Well worth it for a dentophobe.

I have found the most wonderful dentist! he has been my dentist for about 6 years now. The first to introduce me to Nitrix--I am a certified dentist-phobe, and yes I get gas for cleanmings.

He was my dentist before I became diabetic, and takes extreme care now, well alswyas did, I just didn't need quite so much. The last crowns I went in for he stopped part way through (his mom is diabetic) when he thought I was getting low for me to test and have some peanut butter crackers---he also keeps tubes of cake icing..well prepared

Although he did move my cleaning to 3 times a year because of the Diabetes--but he uses the ultra sound--so no need for metal hooks often--just a few bad spots and he said those will lessen as we finish replacing all the metal fillings in my mouth--next January i will be metal free (damn insurance caps!-separate rant)

OH MY GOSH!!!!!!!!!

I JUST got back from the dentist. I just survived my first filling. My face is now 1/2 numb, and I want my mommy to feed me soup. No matter that I am 28 and married.

I survived, and you will survive.
Thanks for not making me feel so alone. You do this more than you can know.


You do better than I do- it's been 4 years for me. I have never had dental insurance, so I can't afford to go regularly. I'll have dental insurance starting at the end of this month. Can't freaking wait to see what they say to me.

I completely understand, I just went to the dentist today after an even longer "dental hiatus". They gave the the estimate for replacing my bridges and doing veneers for the "perfect smile"..$10,000!! Don't these people realize I already have a $6,000 insulin pump in my pocket?!? I feel like putting that much money into my body is like putting granite countertops and hardwoods in a mobile home.

They hygienist uses some kind of numbing goop that she puts all over my gums before she starts the scraping process. It tastes a little nasty, but worth it :). I also bring my ipod and listen to my favorite songs to relax.

just came back from the dentist as well. it hurt like hell and i almost did cry. there were tears at the corners of my eyes. i haven't been in FIVE years so apparently me "gum pockets" were deep. so he ripped off a piece of my gum. ARRRGHHH. he was really rough, but at least my teeth are clean and i got over the pain as soon as i walked out and spat blood from my mouth. oh the pain. good luck everyone.

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