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Everybody Exercises.

There are days when I feel like I'm draaaaaging myself to the gym.  Literally, like scooping my legs off the floor, forcing them into my workout clothes, and dawdling over to the door.  The weeks after the wedding and through the beginning of August were particularly hard, because my numbers were on the level of "sucking royally" and my body was infected with a general feeling of "vlah." 

Thank goodness that Chris is usually ready to roll.  It helps to have someone who is also dedicated to being healthy, because it makes it easier for me to keep from slacking off due to my own laziness or vlah-ishness.  Especially when work gets busy and freelance is hopping - getting my sorry butt to the gym becomes a real challenge.  Chris and his equal quest for good health and a long life serve as more motivation to get moving.

It also helps that the Sausage does her part.  

By trying on my running shoes. 

The cat wears sneakers.  Enough said.

Wrong foot, Siah.  The other one.

There you go, Siah.

There you go, piggy.  That's the correct foot.

Diabetes requires support on all fronts.  Even from the cat. 


Having that accountability with your partner really helps. Siah is too flipping cute.

I feel your pain, sistah.
I keep waiting for the day when I leap out of bed, with a big smile on my face and think to myself " I can't wait to get to that gym, la dee dah"... hasn't happened yet, but the feeling after a workout is so worth talking yourself into going.

Cute kitty!

New shoes or just really clean shoes?

That's the cutest cheerleader I've ever seen. :)

SuperG - :) She is cute. And annoying.

Lea - I never leap out of bed that way! Actually, I never leap out of bed, ever. I get dragged from there, too. But you're right - the post-gym feeling can't be beat!

Sara - Old shoes. But they are just for the gym, so they're pretty clean despite their age.

Karen - Her pom poms are blue, just as an FYI. ;)

BTW Kerri, I received a mass email of cute kitty pictures and who did I find in the middle of the pack? Miss Sausage!

nice shoes.

That's quite a nice color for Sausage!

today my day is pretty depressing but your writting pulled out a grind on my face...thanks ...i should say...it s nice to read stuff like that care free and funny...


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