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Flaking Out Friday Six.

The Friday Six:  August 1, 2008 editionWhirlwind doesn't even begin to describe the last two weeks, but I'm trying to recap bit by teeny bit.  From adventures with web-camming (There you go, Google. Just for you.) to Manny Ramirez being traded, it's time for The Friday Six.

1.  A few months ago, I mentioned a Fairfield County D-Dinner meet-up, and several people emailed.  Then, because I am hopelessly disorganized and was in the middle of planning my wedding, I lost track of planning that event.  I'm very sorry, and still hopelessly disorganized.  :)  But I'm trying to set it up again, and am looking at having the dinner sometime in late August or early September.  If you are still interested, would you please drop me (another) line at kerri at sixuntilme dot com?  If it's okay with the potential attendees, I can create an email list so we can figure out the details via email.  Thanks!

2.  Also, adding a little Canadian flair to the diabetes-theme, have you heard of Team Diabetes?  Skip off to Orlando this coming January and join Buzz Bishop and the 95 Crave Team Diabetes Crew to raise funds and awareness for the Canadian Diabetes Association.  For more information, check out the Canadian Diabetes Association and throw some support to our neighbors to the north.

3.  I'm very eh about this:  Manny Rameriz?  To the Dodgers?  Granted, he's one of the best ballplayers on paper, but boy is he a "wicked pissah" (thanks, Julia).  For the real-deal details, without even a smidge of bias, check out Boston Dirt Dogs.  (And keeping with the Boston news, do you want to see what your site looks like written in the ol' Boston accent?  Here's how SUM readsDo yours!  Valley Girl may make you laugh out loud for real.)

4.  Total side note:  On my way to lunch, I heard "Crazy In Love" on the radio.  As I was leaving lunch, I heard "Ring The Alarm."  I love Beyonce.  She is my musical guilty pleasure.  Please share yours, so I'm not forced to have my face burning in shame all alone.  I also like Yanni.  Help!!!

5.  In some TuDiabetes news, there's a new video about seeing diabetes through the eyes of children.  As a former child with diabetes (now a pseudo-adult with diabetes), this video helps me remember how I saw diabetes, and how I saw myself as a result, when I was small.  Click here to watch the video on YouTube, and click here to get involved with the inititative

6.  Lastly, because I bought a webcam and have nothing but time on my hands (What? Lies, Kerri - lies!), I'm debating starting to vlog (video blog) here on SUM.  Only - here's the problem - I have no CLUE what to talk about.  I'm much more the wordsmithy-type than the talk-to-the-camera type.  But I love meeting other diabetics and am always so surprised when I hear their voices or see their faces.  Words are just one dimension to our personalities - the way someone sounds or the way they laugh really tells you alot.  I'm curious to hear what you guys would be interested in (or should I just give the camera to Siah and let her do her thing?).  In any event, forgive me for talking too fast, moving too much, and using lions for my own personal gain.  (The password is "sixuntilme")

Chris and I are excited to host Batman and her boyfriend this weekend - yay for friends who will drive all the way out here! - so have a good weekend and I'll see you Monday!  :)

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HA! I love it, Kerri and vlogging...it's excellent...that video makes me think that one day you're going to be a very fun mom..."this is a lion..."

Talking heads are, well, talking heads. Sometimes it's faster to talk than to type, if one can remember to talk without uh, umm, er, y'know, it's like, man, y'know what I'm saying, doncha? Y'gotta know, it's kinda sorta like... umm, err... uh, yeah, umm...
That's not me. At least, not without a basic outline and/or speaker's notes. Live, one ignores it unless it becomes excessive.
The best use of vlogging is if your topics require visual information: instructional logs, product reviews, travelogues, etc. That, however, is more suited to a digital video camera than to a webcam. To me, a webcam's use is for video chats (talk to friends and relatives over an Internet connection rather than a telephone) and videoconferencing/telepresence.
BTW, if the lion is your blog character, try to keep him *onscreen*?

Very cool! I like the idea of switching it up now and then. VEry cool Kerri.

If we're talking guilty pleasure music, I have to cop to loooving Neil Diamond. A little too much.

Beyonce isn't really that much of a guilty pleasure, but if we are being honest here mine is Reba McEntire.

It's nice to hear your voice instead of reading it, if that makes sense.


Oh my God! Oh my God! Oh my God! I'd totally love it if the Fairfield County dinner thing was like totally a go. I've like never socialized with another Type 1 - I can't even imagine eating dinner with someone who just like totally gets it. I'll send you an e-mail now.

And my musical guilty pleasure has got to like, be any gag me with a spoon '80s music. Terrance Trent D'Arby. Dexie's Midnight Runners. Oh My God, I just like totally love all those 80's one-hit wonders.

4. Country music. If it's not country it's not music.

6. I totally thought about this one last week. I even turned my camera on and sat in front of it watching myself. Then I realized I had nothing to say. Maybe we need a d-blogger question/theme of the week.

Sara - Awesome idea!! I added a poll to the top left side of the page for people to vote on their preferred topic. Would you do a weekly vlog if we had a topic? :) I would!

Karen - HA! One of the best comments ever. :)

Jillian - Beyonce (and Yanni) are totally my guilty pleasures. I'm more the Damien Rice/Frames/U2 sort of music freak. Rockin' out is done is secret. :)

Lea - Ooh, excellent guilty pleasure!

George - Thanks! Would you vlog?

TMana - I know, I should totally pick up a camcorder once my budget relaxes a bit. That would be fun!! (And the lion is just a guest for this vlog. Otherwise, that would be ridiculous, and I am never ridiculous. ;) )

Courtney - There's no doubt in my mind: my kids will be a little bit odd, thanks to the gene pool they're springing from. :D

Yup! I'm in!

We should talk off here (on email?) about the dinner b/c I have a list going, 6 or 7 people I think. Lets be in touch, I'd love to not organize by myself, but lets get it on the books soon!

I like the idea of vlogging every once in a while! Oh and my guilty pleasure music? Miley Cyrus (I hate to admit it) and Chris Brown.. I also have to admit that as I type this I'm listening to the Jonas Brothers SOS. Sad , but true hahaha

#3) manny...manny who? I vaguely remember some guy with baggy pants and lots of pine tar named manny but I can't really remember what he did. But I do know that there is a guy named Jason Bay and he rocks my sox. :) And as for accents..I find nothing weird about the boston translation of this page LOL. Maybe because that's how I talk. eeek.

#6) hmm. I'm not a fan of vblogs personally because I think writing is such a lost art and so few people do it well, so it's fun to actually read things that are well written - like your blog.. but the Lion was fun. If the vblog continues, you should have guests - fly ninja George out for an interview..

I will confess to liking country music. But even bigger than my musical guilty pleasure is my TV watching guilty pleasure.

Let's just say that I cried real tears at the end of Buffy the Vampire Slayer's finale. And that I've been known to wake up at 4 AM just to catch an episode of Angel on TNT.

Kerri, the vlog idea is great! Your post on Lancet devices is one that would translate well to vloging...anything where it's easy to show something (like, loading the cartridge) works for video. Or maybe a low-carb cooking show. Or Siah...

Best of luck!

"I just bought a webcam. I know that sounds a little dirty, but..."

LMAO! :)

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