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Just Say No.

Holy delicious.Saturday afternoon, we were at Diane's birthday party (Happy Birthday, Chris's mom!), and there was a decadent chocolate cake to celebrate.  Sunday played host to my friend Kate's wedding shower, where there was an open bar, cookies, and a delicious butter cream cake.  Yet I didn't taste any of these items.

And I have no clue where this willpower came from.

After a startlingly high A1c result last month and a string of elevated blood sugars, I feel like I'm starting to get things back under control these days.  I'm giving my thighs a rest and trying out new infusion set sites, and the absorption has undoubtedly improved.  I'm also doing my best to keep a closer eye on numbers and be a bit more proactive instead of reactive with corrections (i.e. counting carbs more precisely and giving my insulin time to get in before eating in efforts to avoid a spike), which seems to be working.  My meter average has gone from 160 mg/dl two weeks ago to 143 mg/dl - and I'll take it.

Granted, I'm not all good behavior.  I had an awesome peach martini on Saturday night with my husband.  And I have been indulging in too much tasty iced coffee on those long drives home to Rhode Island. Some stuff is bolus-worthy!  But with such a focus on diabetes management, I'm becoming stingier with indulgences.  I wanted to taste that chocolate cake, but the fabulous smell of chocolate was wiped out by the thought of a big bolus, the potential for a post-prandial spike, and then the low that may result from the correction.  My blood sugar at the time was 89 mg/dl, and I wanted to keep the steady number more than the cake.  Same for the wedding shower treats - it was easier to say no than to handle the potential highs and lows.  (Even though the cookies at the shower looked so exquisite I almost buckled.)  But I keep thinking about a baby someday.  And a lower A1c.  And feeling better.  It made it easier to just say no.

While I was at the shower, my friend's mother (a type 2) remarked while the cookies were being passed around, "You have such great willpower!" 

I laughed.  "Today.  Who knows what tomorrow will bring!" 

Diabetes has become like chess - I'm looking a few moves ahead and basing my decisions on the future rather than the present.  I don't plan on letting diabetes checkmate me ... instead, I'll steal its horse and run off.  For now, I hope I can make the willpower last!


Woohoo good on ya :) It's like the saying for dieters - no food tastes as good as skinny feels.
No food tastes as good as flatline blood sugars feel!

It's great if you can balance it out that way - figuring out which is more important to you, the BGs or the cake. The cake will win some days (don't deny the cake, man!) but it's great if you can find the willpower to let your health (and potential baby-cooking belly) come first.

You have amazing will power. :) This weekend, mine wasn't so great.
I had a piece of cheesecake from the cheesecake factory at a bridal shower.
It was so good.
And somehow I managed to avoid a horrible spike and stayed pretty level in the aftermath. So I guess it wasn't so bad...except there's no telling how many grams of fat that were in that thing.

M - my mom used to have that magnet on our fridge.

On the other hand, this weekend was NOT the weekend of willpower for me. I wish when work was stressful it was easier to eat healthy, but it just doesn't seem to ever work that way.

I'm with you, sister :). My husband and I are trying to lose the 'freshman 15' and this weekend was our first trial. Hope we can all stick with it ;)

Good for you!! Decadent chocolate cake, open bars and yummy cookies can sure make willpower a struggle. Although a string of good readings and a clear sign of progress sometimes really helps - you know you are getting somewhere and are willing to make the "sacrifices" to keep heading in the right direction. Sometimes it's just a trade-off - no to cake but yes to a peach martini for you. For me, at a Renaissance Faire this weekend I opted for the garden salad for lunch. That choice and all the walking around in the heat let me enjoy a little chocolate ice cream without a single spike. Hurray for finding the balance. :)

thanks for being my monday inspiration. i will go running when i get home from work, after all!

Somedays, I feel like I am the only one on the planet having that same mental struggle every single day (even though I know that is never true!)-"fight the blood sugar gamble or eat what I want??" It helps to hear stories like that. I think it will help me next time I am in that situation (like tomorrow.... : )

You go girl! I am going to use you for motivation. I have been doing fairly well on Weight Watchers but have felt myself slipping lately. I was just thinking over the weekend that if I was bolusing my own food (instead of just my son's) than maybe I would think twice.

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