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Katie Janes Is A Star.

Some people just make you smile, even if you have never met them before. 

Thank you, Katie Jane, for being the bright spot in my day. 


That was so cute! I love the apple that appears from just off screen!

(and I used to lip sync and dance to the original as a kid with my neighbors)

So cute!!!!!

I am tearing up but smiling like crazy!

I don't have diabetes but I smiled from start to end. Who doesn't dream of making a song out of their pain?

This was too cute! She did such a great job. It made me smile, too. Thanks for sharing this with us.

Yes, I ALOL'd, especially with the off-stage person taking all the good food away and swapping it for boring stuff!

ROFLOL Brilliant!

hahahaha that was awesome!

She IS a star! :) I loved it. :)

That was so awesome. And I hope the day she sings about really does come.


Thanks for pointing this one out. That girl's a real star. She did a wonderful job with the song and deserves five stars!

Really is there anyone out there who doesnt love "The Little Mermaid"?? If there is, they should be shot!
This was extremely creative and cute!

That was great! :-)

cute! with a few tweaks here and there, it could be a creative rebuttal to a CGMS denial... how do you say no to that?!

That's exactly what I was expecting! The whole time I kept expecting her to break out into, but 'no I am denied, they can't let me know, all of the time...'

Wow...that was really clever. It's amazing what kids can do! I love her spirit! And heck, i totally relate!! I love the Little Mermaid!!

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