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It's Friday. That Means ...

The Friday Six:  September 26, 2008 edition... The Friday Six.  It's time for a week-end wrap-up, and to share some of the latest bits with you.  I hope you're all having a good week.  I am so ready for the weekend (and the debates tonight)!!!  I'm going to just jump right in with number ONE ...

1.  Last week, I posted a photo on D365 of Tickles the Tapeworm, and just a few days after posting it, a package of Parasite Pals stickers was delivered to my office, courtesy of my Flickr friend, Stinky_Harriet (aka Liz).  THANK YOU, LIZ!!!  You totally made my day, and I shared these stickers with my editorial team.  (We thought they were digustingly awesome.)  If you're following the Diabetes365 crew over on Flickr, you may have seen some of the wonderful photos from Liz.  Click through and check out the photos, and give some love to Sara, who is on the cusp of finishing her 365 days!! 

2.  In CGM news, there's a chat with Aaron Kowalski on Monday, September 29th, in the DiabetesTalkFest chatroom.  Dr. Kowalski will be answering your questions about the JDRF CGM trial that was in the New England Journal of Medicine last week, so check it out if CGMs are on your wishlist.  (It's on mine!)

3.  (Full disclosure:  This next bit has it's fair share of we in New England call "wicked bias.")  My husband has teamed up with some of his old buddies from the fitness world to create a cool and informative health and fitness site called I Look Like Fit.  There's a ton of useful information on the site, including workouts, diet ideas, weight loss tips, and even a social networking page called - wait for it - FitHeads.  So, if you're looking to tone up or trim down, this new site and its social networking sidekick could be a good fit for you.

4.  This Sunday, Fairfield County is playing host to the JDRF Walk For A Cure, and the dLife team will be there.  (I'm hoping it doesn't rain all over our heads during the walk, but we're badass enough to take the risk.  Diabetics don't melt!)  Are there any SUM readers who will be walking on Sunday?  If you're there and you see a cloud of white dLife t-shirts, come by and say hello!  :) 

5.  In cake-related news (this may be my favorite segue ever), the popular site CakeWrecks has its first comment controversy going on, all about a cake shaped like an insulin pen.  Personally, I find this cake to be amusing.  The comments on this post, however, are less entertaining.  Plenty of diabetic-bashing going on in there, from laying down guilt on people with type 2 diabetes to the stereotype that diabetics on the whole can't eat anything but carrot sticks and ... dreams, I guess.  If you want to weigh in on this mess, feel free.  Stop the ignorance, if you can.

6.  And finally, I vlogged.  I vlogged from my stupid car, because time is limited this week but I've felt delinquent as a vlogger (and I've been enjoying the ones from SuperG and Sara and Windy, and Landi even joined the fray!) and I needed to catch up.  If you skip on over to my YouTube channel, you can find my latest attempt at vlogging.  And, like George mentioned in his post today, I'm open to any questions because, quite frankly, sometimes I have no clue what to say.  :)

The weekend should be rainy here in New England, but it's still the weekend, and that makes it awesome.  Have a good one, and I'll catch you on Monday!


LOL The car vlog was awesome. I love the looking around to see if anyone is watching part.

And BTW - nice BG. ;)

Hi Kerri-
I enjoyed the vlog, although our procedures differ slightly. Since I can't stand the taste of blood, I like to lick an opposing finger and use that to smear the leftover blood until you can't really see it. Sanitary? No...but less disgusting metallic-y tasting!

The comments on that Cake Wrecks page make me so sad.

Thankful the car wasn't moving when you did that--!


That vlog was awesome. The part where you were looking around to see if anyone was watching was hilarious.

i want my birthday cake in the shape of a PINK ANIMAS PUMP! YAHOO!!

Great post and vlog. I'm still trying to figure out what to do for my 365th picture. I either want it to be really dramatic or really typical (another day in the life).

I loved your covert vlog. That's how I feel every time I vlog. :)

Oh, and the people on Cake Wrecks are insane!

great blog as always . I so enjoy reading your blogs . Love the way you write wish I had that talent .

Hope you didn't get rained on too much during your walk. Looks like they took the Insulin Pen Cake down. :( I've been away from the computer most of last week and the weekend, so I just clicked over to check it out and it's gone. It sounds pretty funny to me, I'm sorry they got so much flack about it!

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