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Kerri in the Wild.

Maine was awesome.  Despite the crazy long drive (6 hours from Providence, where we left from on Saturday morning), Acadia National Park was gorgeous and Bar Harbor was the perfect little seaside town to explore.

On Sunday morning, we woke up at 4:33 (Larry Bird) in the morning and drove up Cadillac Mountain to see the sunrise.  According to the geniuses at Wikipedia, Cadillac Mountain is the first place in North America that sees the sunrise.  And we watched that sun come up, all right.  We were exhausted, but it was truly beautiful.

Cadillac Mountain sunrise

After watching the sun rise, we ventured down to Bar Harbor to rustle up some breakfast.  Since it was well before seven in the morning, we had plenty of time to kill.  The views of the actual harbor were so beautiful that we snapped a pile of pictures.

Bar Harbor boats

The breakfast place we found was AWESOME - 2 Cats Inn and Restaurant.  Among the very first patrons that day, we enjoyed an excellent organic breakfast (which included a biscuit with strawberry-flavored butter - so, so awesome) and woke up slowly.  I'd recommend this breakfast joint to anyone.  The service was a little slow, but the food was among the best I've ever had.  And there was a cat sauntering through the dining room, which I thought was cool.  Against health codes?  Sure.  But I don't care.

Best breakfast in Maine!

In Acadia National Park, we drove the Park Loop and tried to see as many parts of the park as we could.  We visited Thunder Hole twice, but the tides were never high enough to experience the full effects of the promised "Thunder."   We had to bring our own waves.  (HA - the puns never stop!)

Thunder Hole - We had to bring our own waves.

The hiking trails were great, too, and my blood sugars seemed to enjoy working out in a different environment.  We did the 3.3 mile loop around Jordan Pond (and yes, we had popovers at the Jordan Pond Tea House) and later in the day, we climbed up Gorham Mountain.  The views were incredible, and being the only people on the mountain at that time of day made us feel like we were real explorers (nevermind the cairns placed on the mountain).  We reached the summit after a hard 0.9 mile hike up.

Kerri conquers Gorham Mountain.

Even camping out was decent - we devoured s'mores (after taking a full hour to make a damn fire) and slept in our tent.  The dirt and I made our peace with one another.  And we have a whole slew of photos on Flickr, if you want to see more of the scenery.

The Internet is intruiging.  Work is comfortable.  And checking out what different cities have to offer is fun.  But being out there in the woods and seeing what nature has to offer - that's a whole different kind of existance.


I'm glad you two had a great time. I'm actually in awe that it took you an hour to build a campfire. Am I right to assume that Chris was never a Boy Scout? LOL.

Sounds like quite an adventure. The middle name of a baby of one of my coworkers is Cairn - it was the first time I had ever heard that word!


Sounds like it was a great time! Glad that you finally were able to enjoy s'mores!

I wholeheartedly agree...being out in the woods is a whole different existence. I was just in the BWCA for the weekend, and miss it every time that I leave.

In looking closely at that picture of your left arm is that an infusion set that I see or something else? If it is, a practical question for you(because I am always looking for new sites as well)doesn't that limit your range of motion on that arm? Just curious.

I was just up there last week too. Did you buy your wood at Otter Creek? Their wood sucks, I had problems getting our fire started with it.

Also this year was the first in seven years that I actually heard thunder hole thunder, I showed up at exactly the right time and it was pretty great. But took quite a few trips for that...

If you ever go back and want some nature learning, I highly recommend the Ranger Programs. I did one of fungus, moss and lichens this year, it was great.

Sounds like a lot of fun, and the pictures are so pretty. I can hardly imagine how beautiful that sunrise was in real life.

I'm interested to hear what you do when you hike - like do you do a temp basal, what and how often do you eat while hiking, etc? Pea and I hiked for a little over an hour on Sunday, and I was amazed that it took two juice boxes and a bunch of peanut butter crackers just to keep me from crashing. If you have any tips you'd like to share, feel free to e-mail me!

I'm so jealous! Cats in restaurants, crazy cool!

Maine looks awesome! I think we're going there for vacation next summer (it's a bit more of a drive from NC though!). I'm glad the hiking worked out for you. It seems every time I go hiking, I end up with a frustrating low that won't go away, usually conveniently near the top of a mountain.

sounds like a nice trip! (i'm jealous... i need a last summer hurrah).

re: working out in a new environment being good for blood sugars... were you mostly doing mountains? higher altitude can actually cause blood sugars to run a little lower. i didn't find this out until googling it AFTER i had one terrible big hike on a mountain, in which i started high, my pump was set at 5-10% of basal rate the whole time and i got low literally 17 times within 12 hours.

also, if i'm not overeating or overcarbing, vacations, especially camping, usually seem to be miraculously good for my blood sugars too... don't know what it is exactly

wow sounds like you had a really great time . I love the outdoors and exploring the mountains and waters and different things . i am glad you made peace with the dirt .LOL!!!


I love Maine, having lived there for two years before moving to Taiwan, and Bar Harbor is amazing. You sure looked great for being up so darn early, too. Quite impressive young lady you are, you are!

curse you, New England...

I had to read that entire post saying "Bah hahbah" and "pahk" (etc) in my head every time an appropriate word came up.

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