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Le Friday Six.

(That title's for you, CALPumper!) 

The Friday Six:  September 12, 2008 editionI need a break.  :)  Here's The Friday Six, because if I had to string more than three sentences together, my brain would turn to ice cream cake.

1.  I'm looking forward to the fourth (had to edit - there have been three already and my brain went to mush on this fact) Fairfield County dinner on Monday, September 15th.  So far, there are about seven people coming and I'm excited to meet everyone.  If you live in the Fairfield County area and I missed your email, drop me a line at kerri (at) sixuntilme (dot) com and I can send you the specifics.

2.  Also, the first winners of the TuDiabetes "Word In Your Hand" project are up, and they are remarkable.  (My personal favorite is the "secret" one ... very cool photo.)  If you want to get involved and submit your photo, check out the details on TuDiabetes, and say hi to Manny and Landileigh!

3.  And I'm proud to say that Blogabetes turns one year old this month.  I've had the pleasure of working with Carey, Nicole, Julia, Lindsey, SuperG, Rebecca, Michelle, Kim, Andy, and Scott over the last twelve months, and I am always impressed and inspired by their writing.  If you haven't visited dLife to spin through their posts, you're really missing out. 

4.  In news I'm confused about, I've received several emails from companies asking to make me "part of their blogging team" by adding my posts to their RSS feed.  I don't mean to sound daft, but is that a good thing?  I know plenty of other bloggers have been approached by these kinds of companies and I'm still on the fence about whether or not that's a good thing, since I've also heard that Google penalizes you if you reproduce blog content across the wilds of the Internet.  For my fellow bloggers - how are you guys handling these requests?  Do you let them add your feed?  I am unsure how to handle these requests and I don't know enough about Google to guess if this is a good idea or not.  Help!  I need brain power from the blogosphere. 

5.  dLife has been subjecting me to cute overload this week, starting first with some of dLife's finest teeny dogs and culminating with a crate full of newborn baby chicks.  My co-worker has chicken business (I know) and he brought in a dozen baby chicks for the morning, so we could all coo and chuckle over them.  They are so damn cute.  I stumbled upon my co-worker, diligently answering emails with a baby chick in his pocket.  I love my office.  It's productive, yet eccentric.  I dig that.

6.  And thanks for your uplifting messages yesterday.  You guys, with a little help from Fudgy the Whale, made a bit of a dreary day much brighter for me, and I really appreciate it.  I know I've said it before, but this community is one of the best things to happen to diabetics since ... well, insulin, and you all make this journey a little easier.  So thank you.  And go get an ice cream cake, because damn that makes everything better. 

Unfortunately, no time to vlog this week.  But next week, I will definitely think of something worth waxing on about and will fill your computer speakers with nonsense once again.  Until then, have a great weekend and I'll bother you on Monday.  :)  


Baby chicks in the office??? How fun!! Looking forward to the dinner on Monday too. :)

Kerri: I have read that you lament your last A1C but may I offer this thought based on my own experience of an increase in A1C after I started using CGM. My A1C was higher but my control was better because there were fewer lows. Those lows that used to be a more regular part of my life were also giving me a false sense of satisfaction from a lower A1C. Because the A1C is an average -- more lower numbers in the numerator = lower A1C. I now focus on a Medtronics CGM report that I think offers a far more relevant statistic: the number of minutes each day I am high, within target or low. I bet your "within target" number is better now than it was before CGM and thus you are really doing better even if not reflected in your A1C. I would think that the DexCom Data Manager software also gives you this information. Best regards.

I love YOU Kerri!!!!!!
Thank You!!!!

"Le Friday Six.

(That title's for you, CALPumper!)"

Gosh I was busy ALL day and just saw the title, woo hoo!!!!!

Of course you know you can title your posts any darn thing you want because it always gets my attention.

SO wish I lived near you, would so be there Monday night. Have a Grand weekend and good luck and raise hell, I mean, have fun on Monday.

Thank you again! ha ha

First Fairfield county dinner? Were the previous 3 just prelims? :) I hope that by then (haven't told you yet, but I am coming) I will know much more about my CGMS coverage options!

Rachel - AHHHH!! You are totally right and my brain went to complete mush on this one. Yes, this is officially the fourth dinner. :) And I'm so glad you're coming! We can compare crappy insurance coverage notes. ;)

"Productive yet eccentric." That sums it up perfectly. ;-)

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