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Old-School Support.

I'm coming up fast on my 22nd anniversary with diabetes, and one of the things I've had as part of my management arsenal is Kitty.  Kitty was the stuffed animal cat that my parents bought for me before I went in for my 12 day hospital stay after diagnosis.  Kitty used to have fur, and visible eyes, and other cat parts, but he's since been matted and hugged into this almost unrecognizable blog.

Kitty turns 22 next week, and it's amazing to realize that diabetes has been in my life for that long.

Do you have any diabetes benchmarks hiding in your linen closet, or under your bed, or in your memory?  Share them! 


I had a bee! Or maybe it was troll! I'm not really sure. But I blogged about it forever ago.

Okay, so it wasn't forever ago, more like 8 or 9 months. :)

Don't get rid of Kitty! He/She is too cute but you are right about the eyes, they sort of freaked me out.

I really don't have anything from my past that is attached to my diabetes. I guess if was a "little biscuit" like you when diagnosed then I may have.

Great vlog!

Seriously, why should you get rid of it? Okay you were probably joking, but don't get rid of it. I still have a bunny from my childhood, except it's actually at home because my mom has used it for teaching. We call it my Velveteen rabbit and sometimes my mom teaches that story to her second-graders and she's brought it in, so when I moved, I let her keep it. Eventually I'll bring it back with me, but it has nothing to do with my diabetes. Though it used to travel around with me when I'd go on vacation, but I stopped that a long time ago. It was very nice to meet Kitty. He/she is very cute!

Definitely have to hang on to the very end of the video for the gem quote: "Uh, so I really should get rid of this."

Great job! I'm really enjoying your videos. And, by the way, I agree with George - Don't get rid of Kitty!

I had a Pink Panther diabetes management book. Not quite the same, but whenever I hear the Pink Panther theme song, I think about diabetes.

BTW, you must have blogging on the brain - "... but he's since been matted and hugged into this almost unrecognizable blog." Heh. :)

I think I'll post my diagnosis story soon. I relate to yours a lot - I was 6, it was 1987, etc.

NO, DO NOT GET RID OF KITTY!!!! And I'm not just saying that because I'm a pack-rat . . . I think kitty is awesome. Kind of like a reminder of how far you've come and how much things have changed. No longer afraid of the injections, much better treatment options, no more exchanges, etc. But diabetes can still be scary and lonely - even after 22 (or 29 for me) years. So you keep Kitty for when you need her . . . or him. :)

PS: Thanks for showing the eyes, I totally though her/his eyes had fallen out over the years.

Man, that is some CD collection you have going on behind you...!

I didn't have a "Kitty", but I drew one:


I was too old for the little kids' playroom and they probably had no idea what else to do with a 12-year-old (in those pre-Nintendo, pre-Internet days...aaah!). So I ended up in a corner of the craft room with some fabric paint, and voila! my custom pillowcase was born.

Oh, and I'm in the "keep Kitteh committeeh" too! ;) Love the vlog!

Don't get rid of Kitty! Please!! He/She is CUTE!

I was 43 when I got very sick with something....and I got a stuffed lamb that I named Hope....because I hoped that they could find out what was the matter with me. 18 months later....they found diabetes. Then I got a doggy named Grace, because I was so happy to know what was wrong. Grace didn't have to share my shots though!
Bless your heart! You are such an inspiration to me!
I love your posts!

Do NOT throw that adorable transgendered kitty away Kerri!! Cute vlog!

WHen i was first diagnosed, I was still in that " i am going to investigate and pretend and imagine everything through the eyes of an 11 year old nerd" phase. I excitedly organized all my new diabetes supplies in a pistachio and pink Caboodles case, the big ones with all the trays and stickers. I carried it around like a diabetes suitcase!!

Unfortunately, I like to occasionally throw out everything that I own (it's another disease)- especially memories of diabetes. But I do still have the Polaroid picture of my childhood dog, Murphy, in the bathtub, which was taped to my hospital bed. That dog got me through everything- he was my golden guardian angel.

mine is a lamb. i still have him. my little brother named him "ah." he stayed in the hospital with me too and had a pretty rough life, his ears and limbs have been sewn and resewn, and he's currently living on the shelf in my bedroom closet. he follows me like a fluffy little pinkeyed stalker wherever i move to. probably always will.

keep kitty. you need her/him.

Don't get rid of him/her! I had Blue Bear. He was, umm... a blue bear. I loved Blue Bear to death, his limbs were falling off and stuffing was coming out. I wasn't even that old when Blue Bear and I parted ways, maybe 11. You have no idea how much I wish I still had Blue Bear. Hang on to Kitty.

Oh - I got tears in my eyes. Someone gave my daughter a kitty when she was diagnosed. She named it Snowcat (white fur), and Snowcat is now almost three years old. The thought of her blogging about this 19 years from now makes me sad. I hope that she won't have to. :) But even if there is a cure someday, I don't think she'll ever get rid of Snowcat.

Keep kitty. If not for you, for Siah to beat up on.

No, you gotta keep kitty. After all this time its like a family member. Its always been there for you.

It was 32 years ago when I was dx with Type 1 at the age of 12. I used to have this stuff toy animal it was a german shepard named Heidishe was with me in the hospital. I also remember and wish I still had it this book that had cartoon drawings of Mr. Syringe with is mickey mouse like hands as if he placed them on his hips. The book said that Mr. syringe is my friend. And then there was Fluffy the cotton ball who was a ballariena (spelling) and had a tutu. My first insulin pump was the auto syringe you know the big black brick and my first blood meter was the accu check about the same size. Mr.Syringe and I dont see alot of each other like we did now there is a new guy in town Mr.Infusion Set lol !

I have a garfield cat and jewelry box. Garfield was given to me by the Superintendant of the school I attended. He was also a good friend of our families. We lost this friend almost 3 years ago. The other was given to me by another one of my father's friends. My sister was threatening to get rid of Garfield. I told my mom that is one stuffed animal that can NEVER be given away or thrown out. I WOULD kill. We hid him someplace sister never found the stuffed animals.

I think you will regret it if you get rid of Kitty...don't do it!

Oh come on! You can't get rid of her/him/it.

I have carried around my Spirit of 76 elephant everywhere I've lived. A friend of my parents made said stuffed elephant upon the news that my parents were having a bicentennial baby long after their first two children. I couldn't imagine life without it.

My son is coming up on his 5th anniversary on Halloween. He had a Nemo stuffed fish that he'd practice giving shots too. Somedays they were "soft" shots and other days...Holy Cow he'd stab that poor thing right in the eye. (We'd of course never given him shots anywhere near his eye.) It got out alot of his frustration on that poor stuffed animal. Good times!

Kerri, mine was a pig stuffed animal my mom got me while I was at the hospital. I always thought it was appropriate since back then I was using the pork insulin :)

PS. Never get rid of Kitty!!!!

I didn't get a toy, but just slightly over 12 years ago now when I went into hospital, there were several staff who would dress up in disney costumes to entertain the children. Unfortunately, I had a bit of a thing against people dressed up in such costumes and as such was terrified.

I was given a "huge" mickey mouse tshirt (it took me a couple of years to fit into it) which to this day is still in a draw in my room. So keep kitty

don't get rid of kitty!!!!

OMG! Don't you dare get rid of that crazy looking kitty! It has seen you through too many trials in life. Very sweet story. Thanks for sharing.

Okay, it's official: You can't get rid of kitty. He's (she's?) a part of you! I have Bubba, my stuffed animal dog (a he) that has made it all these years, too.

My son got a real cat when he got D. It would be sweet if his D could go away, when she goes to heaven... Keep kitty.

Don't get rid of it/him/her!! I was diagnosed with type 1, 11 (and a half) years ago at the age of 21. University friends gave me a white stuffed bear when i was in the hospital. I obviously didn't need the bear to give injections to etc, but that bear has kept me company now for over 11 years and has a coveted spot on my bed. I got married 2 years ago and I think my husband loves him as much if not more than me. And i had a baby a month ago and i'm glad she has received so many stuffed animals as gifts so that she doesn't have to steal my bear later on!

I guess it's pretty unanimous; you should never get rid of Kitty. Keep him/her with you, who knows, maybe he can be cured when they find the cure for you.

Thirty years ago, when I was in the hospital after being diagnosed, they gave me a bunch of booklets and pamphlets on diabetes, and also a small card that had nutritional information on it from McDonald's. I still have it, for some reason. I also have a dog planter that some family friends had sent to me in the hospital with a little palm in it. I held on to it probably because I love old dog planters but when I see it, it reminds me of where I was 30 yrs ago and how far I've come. I truly thought I'd be dead after 5-10 years. Makes you wonder what the hell was in those pamphlets the nurses gave me?

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