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Political Chortle.

Twitter is a bizarre micro-blog networking phenomenon that is actually worth it.  It's not another profile you have to maintain.  It's something you can update hourly, or just update weekly, and you can still be involved.  It's like a constant stream of 140 characters or less that hits upon political hotpoints, social networking advice, medical advice, and some excellently random links.

SuperG (aka "Ninjabetic" on Twitter) offered up a true winner today.  It's a candid video peek at our current political options, offered up by some very verbose little kindergarteners.

"He has my favorite letter."
"Maybe he'll be a lot more ... good."
"Because he has the hair."
"My family is a Demo-crab."



"Because he has the hair!"

So awesome! I love this clip and thanks for Twitter shout out!

twitter huh? been hearing more about it... do you use it like facebook, searching/communicating w/your list of people or more by topic? do you search for people you know there (ie facebook?). Facebook redundant? Great video btw, very cute.

oh, that made my day. Thanks for posting!

Very informative. I was thrilled to learn that the next president will be cooking my meals!!

hmm. i too am sad that our president hasn't gone to jail for letting people have their hands out the windows.

my favorite little guy on there was the one who broke in between the re-bubba-kins and demo-crabs as an independent. "won paul!"

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