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Doodle For Google.

A Doodle For Diabetes!You know those cool little drawings on the Google homepage?  The moaning man on Edvard Munch's birthday?  Or the one of the turkeys sitting around the dining room table to mark last year's Thanksgiving holiday?  (That one was pleasantly ironic.)  These doodles are done up by the Google crew to raise awareness for specific events and holidays.

And this year, the diabetes community is aiming to have a diabetes doodle for World Diabetes Day on November 14th.  

"How can I help?  I can't even draw a straight line!"

Yes, there is something you can do.  The advocacy crews at Diabetes Daily and TuDiabetes have teamed up to get Google's attention by providing a petition with 20,000 signatures by November 1st.  That means we only have the month of October (which is whizzing by) to get names added to the petition. 

Sign the petition by clicking here.  Add your name, then share it with your coworkers.  Send it to friends.  Family members.  Buddies from Facebook.  Your Twitter pals.  Ask your brother (Hey Darrell) or your sister (Hi Court) or husband (Hi Chris!) or your mom or dad to sign.  Maybe even send it to the nice man at the Honda dealership who is working to get you a new car at a reasonable finance rate.  (Hi, Bill!)  Either way, 20,000 signatures isn't going to be easy, but if there's any community that can pull it off, it's us.

I think it would be pretty damn cool to have our own Google doodle.  Let's make it happen!!


I love you! I really do! You can always make me laugh. :) I will be sending this to my co-worker (hi Vicki!) and my family (Hi Mom! Hi Dad!).

We can so do this!!! I've signed the petition, and I'm going to post it on my blogs now. :)

I've signed it, but I need to send it to my mom (hi Mom!), brother and SIL (Hi Matt & Jennine!), dad (Hi Dad!), and assorted coworkers (hi assorted!)

Signed and pumped to tell others about it!

Thanks Kerri, Manny and DiabetesDaily!

Will do!

I think the doodle should be a person with a million pins coming out of her/him. Since we are all human pincushions. (Not so good for education, but funny anyway.)

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