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The Friday Six:  October 10, 2008 editionToday has been condensed into just a few little hours of productivity.  But I had a few things I wanted to share.  (Six things, to be precise.)

1.  Is anyone out there going to the BlogHer Reach Out conference in Boston tomorrow?  I will be there, proudly attending my first BlogHer event and helping raise the visibility of patient bloggers.  If you're in Boston for the conference, please email me and let me know - I'd love to say hello in person.

2.  Speaking of blogger ladies, my friend Dr. Val (formerly of Revolution Health) has launched her new site:  Getting Better with Dr. Val.  The site has an accessible tone, a great look, and is definitely going to be one of my regular Internet stops.  Val also offers up some seriously funny medical-themed cartoons, which I'm so happy to see because I feel that humor is a HUGE part of disease management.  A little laughter goes a long way.  Be sure to check out Dr. Val's new site!

3.  Dates and times for another Fairfield County Dinner are being tossed around - any new takers?  Looking to do something in the first or second week of November.  Meet-ups are happening more and more around the blogosphere (check out Scott's Second Annual one!) and it's a great way to put a face and a voice with the blogger's we're reading.  Email me if you are available, and interested!

4.  Just a reminder:  Have you signed your name to the Google Doodle petition?  As of this morning, we have 3,097 signatures.  Let's see if we can crack 4,000 by the end of the day!  So coworkers, friends, family members, random people reading this blog, and cats across the world (use those paws and claws for good), sign it and raise your voice!

5.  In completely unrelated-to-diabetes stuff, this link (found on Twitter - imagine my shock) made me giggle.  Actually, it made me laugh out loud, so loud that I think I startled co-workers.  Nothing like the relationship battles between what appear to be overgrown Dots candies

6.  And in just a few hours, I'll be making the worst financial decision of the year and heading off to RI to pick up my new car.  (THANK GOD - the Jetta and I have not even been speaking for the last month.)  I'm excited and terrified, all at once.  And I know I'm going to be a lunatic about keeping it pristine because, well, it's part of my OCD charm.

Have a good weekend!!! 


I can't wait to see pics of the new ride! Congrats Kerri!

Ooooohhhh, a new car!! Good for you! And hey, if it has better gas mileage than your Jetta you can consider it the BEST financial decision of the year. :)

Looking forward to the next dinner meet-up. I wouldn't dream of missing it. Let me know if I can do anything to help with the planning.

I agree with G-Money! Can't wait to see pictures of the car.

P.S. Honda steering is really great. Makes it very easy to do a drive-by testing :P

What kind of car, Kerri? I can't wait to see some pics.

If you want to combine your affection for Twitter and your (inevitable, trust me) love for your Honda, follow @Alicia_at_Honda. :-)

Congrats on the new wheels! Wheee!

i hope you like your new car. if it makes you feel any better, the best financial decision i ever made was to get rid of my jetta!

Thanks for the link, Kerri! More people came to my site on opening day from your blog than any other source! Wow! :)

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