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Involved in World Diabetes Day!

Tomorrow is World Diabetes Day, and it's time for the diabetes community - and society as a whole! - to get involved.  There are a ton of people who are doing their part to raise awareness, and the efforts of this crew on the whole are remarkable.  Here are some of the highlights so far:

  • Have you seen SuperG's list of Things NOT To Do On WDD?  His number one answer was enough to make me laugh so hard I cried.
  • The JDRF has launched their own social networking space at Juvenation.org.   I've joined the beta community this morning, and while the JDRF team is still making tweaks and adjustments as they move towards a hard launch, it's a solid space and could be fun.  You can find me here, and you can also find their community leader, our own Gina Capone, here!
  • Online video is all the rage, right?  Looks like the Omnipod team is working their own video angle, with a contest that's starting tomorrow.  They're looking for people to share how Omnipod has affected their life, and the winner will score a MacBook Pro.  Pretty sweet.  If you're an Omni-vore, check out the contest details.
  • There's a new Generation D up on dLife, and it's about getting involved in Diabetes Awareness Month. 
  • I'm not sure how you'll feel about this diabetes rap, but I heard it and it was stuck in my head.  For days.  On end.  A reader sent me the link and it made me laugh, so I thought I'd share it with you guys.  What do you think?  My favorite line, "Used to make it from cows, now from fake DNA."
  • Manny at TuDiabetes has some suggestions on getting involved with World Diabetes Day - his Charlie Chaplin-inspired video is cute, and inspiring! 
  • Buzz Bishop, the afternoon host at 95Crave in Vancouver, is doing his part to educate people about diabetes, and he's raising plenty of awareness through his multiple media outlets.  He recently wrote an article featuring me, Manny, and Scott Johnson about building online communities for diabetes
  • Lee Ann at The Butter Compartment is creating a remarkable artistic representation of real life diabetes for her local World Diabetes Day event - if you are in the Philadelphia area tomorrow, be on the lookout for this talented artist!

So what are you going to do to mark the day?  Whether you are going to be working in your office all day long, attending an advocacy event, or just doing your regular thing, don we know our blue apparel.  Wear blue tomorrow to show that we, as a community, are united by diabetes and raising awareness across the globe.  Let the world know we're out there, and that we aren't giving up until there's a cure!


I am working on something super special for tomorrow. Definitely not number 1 on the list.

Thanks for the mention and the laugh.

I thought about painting my whole head and face blue for the day... then decided it would probably not be the best idea.

Not quite bad enough to make G-Money's list, but it's got to be in the top 20...


My dad and I are going to the RibFest in St. Petersburg, seeing the new James Bond flick and seeing my favorite band Styx in concert that night.

Should be fun. Great post as usual, Kerri.


We're having a fundraiser at my home selling Silpada jewelry (they're donating 30% of sales and the coolest part is they have JDRF on their order forms).
I made earrings to sell and Meagan, (5 dxd@4) collected some of her stuffed animals to sell, a friend is donating original art note cards of the area. I plan on making some informational flyers for people to help educate them. Sometimes it's really hard being all alone in this, but I live in a great supportive community who is willing to learn and will help look out and take care of my girl.

omg..that video..the diabetes rap was amazing! it was funny too. and it had acurate information. =] it was perfect!

I can't wait to see what everyone does tomorrow for World Diabetes Day!

Thanks for the update. Now, I ave 6 hours to dream about what I will do later today...

a bit after the fact for this WDD , Nov. 14, 2008 ...WDD 2009 will be biggerrrrr.
Central Lions Club/Strides Walk in Salmon Arm , BC, Canada raised at least $ 4,800.00 to send kids with diabetes to camp in British Columbia , Canada and we raised awareness for type 1 and type 2 diabetes ...rrrrgghhh ...
finger pokes done as well :-) ...we are proud and sooo pleased !!*//////////...( am "home hosting" kittens for our local SPCA ...can they be awesome too ...look at the typing )

I'm (coincidentally due to trainers schedule) going to start using my new CGMS!

I'm (coincidentally due to trainers schedule) going to start using my new CGMS!

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