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Patients and the Web.

(Sounds sort of like a children's book title, no?  "Once upon a time, there was the Internet...")

My friend Berci at ScienceRoll asked me to create a video to show his Medicine 2.0 class how the web can impact chronic disease management.  My take on the whole concept is that it's amazing how the web can bring a world of people together to share their common experiences, which for me makes diabetes less isolating.  I used to be one of the only diabetics I knew - now I know hundreds! 

Thanks, Berci, for letting me virtually address your class.  I hope they didn''t think I talked too fast.


I think you did a great job. Of course, this video is another "resource". :)

Resource resource resource!

Seriously though, well done.

Fantastic! Maybe doctors won't be so scared of us learning on our own. :) Training a new generation of medical professionals Kerri. Thanks. :)

thank you for helping to teach our new medical professionals all about the powers of the web!

Nice work, Kerri.
Thanks for validating the importance of web based health communication.The next time any of my medical colleagues shoo at the internet, i can show them this video.

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