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SUM Diabetes Blogging.

Today is the fourth D-Blog Day, and I'm proudly raising my voice with you guys, the diabetes community.  Three years ago, I wrote about why my blog is called "Six Until Me."  Two years ago, I wrote about my heroes.  And last year, I wrote about what matters.

This year, I wanted to thank you guys for being such a crucial part of my health.  You are all heroes, and I appreciate every one of you.


Happy D-Blog Day Kerri!

Thank YOU for sharing all your struggles, triumphs and the just-damn-funny moments! Thanks for always being just a click away.

Thank you Kerri.. for helping us too!!! You make being a mom of a diabetic.. think all things are possible with diabetes..you are so Great.

$5 for the Siah! and i appreciate you more than you know too honey!

Beautifully said, Kerri. :-)

Happy D-Blog Day!

Yay - Kerri AND Siah!!

Kerri, thank you for all you do, and have a HAPPY D-BLOG DAY! and you too Siah the wonder cat!

YOU thanking US? We appreciate putting our collective voices into silken prose.

And I have no idea when my D-Blog Birthday is.

Kerri, happy D-Blog birthday and thanks for sharing. I'm new to blogging and enjoyed reading "Six Until Me." I'm dealing with the same crazy issues and am getting more comfortable with sharing. You've inspired me!

Jeannie Baeellow

Oh, poor Siah. She does NOT look happy :) Glad knowing ya too :)

Happy D-Blog Day to you and Siah!

Did I hear you correctly? Siah is for sale? Or have I finally gone off the deep end?

Thank you for sharing, for being so open, being candid and oh so funny all these years.

Glad I found you! Without you I don't know how I would have made it as far as I have this past year. You inspire me and make me laugh. Two very important things.

So thank You.

Thanks for always sharing your stories Kerri!! Hope your weekend & Dblog day was great!!

With so many people that read your blog, I know you can't possible keep up with all of ours. But I have to say, I count it a blessing whenever you get the time to comment on mine. Thanks for commenting today. And thanks for starting me on my road to blogging. You were the first blogger I "met" and you made me want to be a part of this amazing community!

Happy D-Blog Day and thank you for all that you bring to the community! Your words always give me hope that there is a bright future ahead for me, even with Diabetes.

Right back atcha, baby! Hugs!

Kerri -
Happy D-Blog Day. Thanks so much for making a difference and being a part of the Diabetes community. I wish you all the best.

Live long and healthy.

Hi Kerri, Happy D-Blog Day! Thank you for having such a wonderful blog. I read your blog all the time and you give me inspiration to continue to blog even when I think no one is reading my blog or I think I have nothing to say. Andrea B.

Happy D-Blog Day!!!
My world of support started with you. thanks!

You. Rock.

That's all I can say.


I must say that you and others like us make it easy to try and live with this disease that at times makes us crazy and unpredictable ,but does not define us . God bless you and all of us .

So, I am working my way backwards through all the d-blog day posts and you were near the beginning so that is why I am a day late (and a CGMS short?).

Anyway - Happy D-blog day and here's to this being the last one.

Hey Kerri

Happy D Blog day and nice vlog. Thanks for introducing Siah. I didn't know that's how her name was pronounced.

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