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World Diabetes Day in NYC.

Last Friday, on World Diabetes Day, I had the pleasure of spending the day with Fran Carpentier at the Young Voices event in NYC.   Discovery Health showcased the video submissions from people with diabetes and they had a talented panel of guest speakers and ambassadors, including Lee Fine from FiveHumans, the adorable Charlie Kimball of racing fame, and Miss Black USA Kalilah Allen-Harris

I had some great interviews with these folks that I'll be posting over the next few weeks, but in meantime, I wanted to share some photos from the event.

World Diabetes Day in NYC 

Former Mets player Todd Zeile, Fran Carpentier, Kerri Sparling, ESPN report Brian Kenny, and country star Steve Wariner 

Fran, Kerri, and Kalilah. 

Fran, me, and Kalilah Harris

Charlie Kimball and Kerri Sparling 

Charlie Kimball and me.  :) 

A big part of what was discussed at this event was the DAWN Youth Initiative, which is dedicated to improving the level and conditions of psychological support for kids and young adults with diabetes.  The DAWN Youth WebTalk survey was conducted in partnership with Novo Nordisk, the International Diabetes Federation (IDF) and the International Society for Pediatric and Adolescent Diabetes (ISPAD).  I had a chance to speak with Dr. Barbara Anderson, DAWN Youth Advisor (and a former part of my own personal diabetes care team at Joslin!) about diabetes, depression, and how we deal with diabetes.  "It's important to be in touch with other young people with diabetes," she said, and I thought of all of us here in the diabetes blogosphere.  Our interactions with one another are crucial to our diabetes management.  We keep one another sane!

World Diabetes Day was recognized across the world and the outpouring of support was tremendous.  Over 1,000 landmarks were lit in blue.  Those of us in the blogosphere wrote about our diabetes lives, created videos, and even expressed ourselves in song.  But there is still a lot of work to be done (check out the comments on my YouTube video for examples of miseducation and ignorance).  And every day, we all help to raise awareness in our own ways.

How did you celebrate World Diabetes Day?  Feel free to post your link in the comments section.  And with almost two weeks left in Diabetes Awareness Month, how will you close it out?  (Should I dye Siah blue?  Somehow, I think she'd find a way to thwart me.) 

(And, for the record, I wore a bright blue scarf on Friday to show my support.  But it was muggy as hell in the city, so the scarf ended up crumpled up in my purse instead of around my neck.  I tried, I swear!)

(One more post script:  Today is my brother's birthday, so wish him a happy one!) 


I'd love to see Siah blue. :) But I think you might end up with lots of scratches if you tried.
Personally, I didn't do a whole lot, other than post my blog, but I have to say I have been very disappointed in the news coverage of Diabetes Awareness Month. I've not seen anything on the news. Not even on WDD. :(

I was out running around but the whole time wearing a Blue shirt with a button that just says "Cure" on it. Many asked what it meant which allowed me to tell them about WDD! It worked well.

Happy Birthday Kerri's Brother. :)

I just read the youtube comments, and I kinda wish I hadn't. Wow some people are really stupid or just plain mean!

Can you find a blue sweater to put on Siah? My cats really love it when I put clothes on them. :P

Like Sara, I wish I hadn't looked at the YouTube comments either. They made me really sad and angry. I hate to see such disrespect and ignorance.

I have a feeling that PETA will get on your a** is you dye Siah blue.

I'm so jealous you know Dr. Anderson - and actually got to work with her! She's one of my heroes. It's hard to not wonder how different my life might have been if I had had someone like her on my diabetes care team once upon a time. You're fortunate to have been able to work with her. I think she's just brilliant. Your WDD sounds awesome!

I am a diabetic bride and was looking for so information for those like me on the internet and I found your site! Then I found this blog entry and I got goosebumps.

My soon to be husband and I had picked a date a while ago to get married. That date? November 14. A diabetic bride getting married on World Diabetes Day!

I now know my something blue!

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