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Christmas Puns.

'Twas the night before Christmas, and we're on the road.
Driving home to Rhode Island, the traffic was slowed.
The stockings were hung, but they weren't hung by us.
We're en route to see family, to bond and to fuss.

Flanked on all sides by the cars in their lanes,
We tried to distract ourselves with silly games.
"Let's sing a song," he suggests, and she tries.
But the lyrics that she knows are all improvised.
"A night moose?  What is that?"  He laughs as he steers.
And they're laughing so hard that they almost shed tears.

But then, in the distance, the brake lights do flash.
And our heroes press hard with their hands on the dash.
For what, in the distance, do they spy through the glass?
It looks like a sleigh, but what's that gray mass?

"That's Santa!"  she yelled, her hands through the sunroof.
"That's his red hat, his jacket ... but those aren't reindeer hooves."
And they stared out in awe as the wind gently tosses
A Santa sleigh lead by ... is that Siah Sausage?
"No way,"  he remarks, as he pulls to the side
Of the road as we watch Siah fly through the sky.

Her gray coat was dusted so lightly with snow
And her little gray nose had a slight reddish glow.
Behind her, the rest of the reindeer troop flewSiah Sausage leads Santa's sleigh!!
With Ms. Sausage in front of this Christmassy crew.

"Wasn't she sleeping when we left the house?
Wasn't she quiet, on top of the couch?
Is this really happening?  Or am I just low?"
"How she knows Santa is what I'd like to know."

They stared as the sleigh was pulling out of sight
With Miss Siah flying with all of her kitty might.
She soared above cars and she pulled the big sleigh,
She aimed to help Santa deliver that day.
And with the roar of a kitty who know a good pun,
She yelled, "Meowy Christmas to you, everyone!"


LOL That is perfect!

Meowy Christmas Sparlings.

merry christmas to you too . and all the other six until me ers .

LOL... I've had some fun this year as well. My teddy bear, Donovan, is a bit of a coffee slut and his pellet-filled body cools down long before his fiberfill limbs, with the result that "freezing his butt off" is a bit more literal an expression for him than for us. "Teddy bear logic" (which is roughly akin to "no logic") resulted in "Donovan's Wassail for Coffee" (to the tune of "Carol of the Bells"), and a version of "The Night Before Christmas" that is probably incomprehensible by anyone other than a Renaissance-faire-going teddy bear...

Awesome Pun :-) our Abby cat ( Manx cross Abbysenian ) does not want to help Santa ...snowing too hard ....however MOM ( me ) is thinking of doing the Polar Bear swim on Jan 01. A spontaneous fund raiser organized by a couple,swim coaches , whose son was diagnosed with type 1diabetes several years ago for the Canadian Diabetes Association

That Siah is a mystery... i'm sure she also knows the dali lama and paul mccartney

Kerri, You rock!
Absolutely, LOVE the poem. I didn't realize Siah had such great connections. Maybe I should have mailed him my Christmas wish list.

Anyway, your post was one of the few bright spots at work today since everyone else is off. THANKS AND MERRY CHRISTMAS!

You rock. Really. :)

Great poem Kerry.

God I'm so full, too much trifle, beer and christmas cheer! We're ahead by sixteen hours here and pressies, pressies are just everywhere. Now to manage my sugar fears, creeping up without a care, oh it's already here.

Awww, how cute!! Hope you are having a very Merry Christmas!!

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