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Stupid Diabetes Move.

Glucose meter, home aloneMy brain hasn't been attached this week.  I overslept one morning and was late to work.  I left my wallet at home another day.  I completely blanked out on a meeting I had at work.

And yesterday, I left my meter at home by accident. 

You would think that working in a diabetes media company, with another diabetic, would have me existing in a constant state of able-to-be-bailed-out.  But no!  I went foraging for my meter around 9:30 in the morning and couldn't find it.  I dumped out the contents of my work back on the floor (making a clattering sound against the concrete, but my coworkers have since learned that I'm a disaster and they anticipate the random noise), but couldn't find that blasted black zippered case.  

"Where are you?"  I said out loud.  (Coworkers are also used to me talking to myself.  Poor coworkers.)  My meter didn't answer.  Apparently it did not hear me because it was rested quite happily on top of the basket of folded laundry in my bedroom at home.

"Hey, Howard?  Do you have an extra meter hanging around?"  Nothing like paupering for diabetes supplies to the CEO.  While he didn't have an extra meter, he did have a strip I could use in my back up Freestyle meter. 

"Do you need more than one?"  

"Nah.  I'll go home at lunch and find my meter.  No problem - thanks!"

It was a weird feeling of relief to finally test.  Not having the option of knowing my numbers made me feel uneasy.  And it was an even weirder feeling of unpreparedness.  I felt like the diabetes anti-Boy Scout.

And then Real Life took hold.  A meeting that ran late prevented me from going home for lunch, and I had to instead pop out quickly to grab a bite from the deli down the street.  Howard (and his diabetes supply stash) had to leave the office for a meeting for the rest of the afternoon.  Diabetes took a big time backseat to the rest of the day, and all of a sudden, I realized it was 3:00 in the afternoon and I hadn't tested since 9:30 in the morning.

And the Dexcom sensor fell off on Monday evening and I've yet to stick the next one back on.

I felt like I was driving blindly - nervous about eating anything with more than few carbs because I didn't want to chance the spike, reluctant to bolus because I feared not feeling the low.  Yes, I should have gone home to get my meter.  Yes, I should have been more prepared.  Yes, yes, yes, I did the self-nagging and the guilt-tripping.  But NO, I wasn't prepared.  I wasn't even remotely ready.  It was the diabetes equivalent of that dream where you are naked in you 10th grade classroom.

I've talked about this before, but there's a LOT of packing that goes along with diabetes.  A weekend home in RI is never just a bag with clothes and my toothbrush - I bring a whole backup medical kit to account for everything from pump failures to yeast infections (thank you, stash of probiotics!).  And my work desk is more than dLife papers and columns - there's a rotation of meters, infusion sets, and other diabetes supplies kicking around.  I'm always preaching about being prepared, and for the most part, I am. 

Those moments of being caught with my meter down prove why being well-stocked is the best option.  But blah blah, it's not always that easy to get it right every time.  Yesterday sucked, and I felt like a fool, and I was rewarded with a blood sugar of 300 mg/dl when I came home.

I'm off my game this week.  I think it's because I forgot to call Larry on his birthday.


That's the meter I use. Some days I wish I forgot it because I think it taunts me like this photo.

Something like, "YOU'RE 285 TONY. Better get your act together".

Or, WOW you're actually in the ZONE Tony, 101.

This would make for interesting testing. I would probably go through a lot of meters due to them getting smashed. ;)

well at least you weren't 33!

sorry you forgot to call larry. you need to put that in your calendar, it's UBER important!

as i've said before... my meter always says i'm a moron.

When I travel I double check the diabetes supplies and forget about the toothbrush. I can always grab one of those at the store on the way. It's the only way I keep my sanity! Otherwise I'd be way too overwhelmed with ALL the stuff!

I've done this before. It sucks. And it makes me so anxious. Which makes my blood sugar go up.
Sadly, it happens to the best of us.

I'm sorry, but bumming testing supplies off of the CEO is hilarious.

Hope you start having a better week, Kerri.

I'm so forgetful I'd leave my head at home some days, if it weren't screwed on.

Bitter experience has led me to keep a spare meter, infusion set and even spare eye glasses at work. How can I go out without noticing that I can't see properly?!

Hope things get better for the rest of the week.

I'm so forgetful that there are quite a few CVS pharmacies that have my info in their database because I've had to go get my Rx in a different location. Your post made me think that I should keep an extra meter and test strips in my desk. I try to always keep my meter in my purse along with my plastic bag of extra infusion sets, batteries, alcohol swabs, and glucose tabs. It's a good thing I don't have a lot of money because there is no room for that in my purse!

I have found the best solution is to get two of the same meters. Carry one with you or leave it at work and keep the other one home. It makes life much easier.

Hi Kerri, love your blog. I read daily. This post really resonated with me. I'm always forgetting the meter...I found an easy fix though, do a google search for "free one touch meter". You fill out a short survery and one touch will send you a free mini-meter. It is perfect size for stashing in the purse or gym bag. I've got several of these that I leave scattered around in all kinds of these places. Best wishes.

This is the one thing that people DON'T GET, like this thing (D) is with u 24/7...I feel like I can never switch off, constant worry, stressing and constant testing...i've run out of test strips or havn't got my meter...what’s my BG goin to be, will I chance it...not usually? Yes I am "nervous about eating anything with more than few carbs because I didn't want to chance the spike" and that has had a significant effect on me. I mean mentally as well as the obvious physical stuff, I think it changes your thinking and emotional behaviour.

The same meter at home and work is the way to go. I guess with the CGM some of this 'worry' would disappear, would that be right Kerri? I know since I have been on the pump it has given me more freedom and maybe I am learning to worry a bit less now.

Oh Kerri, that's why I just love you, you're soooo human!!! I'm glad I'm not the only one who does that sort of thing. The harder I try to be organized, the more I'm not. Thanks for being you!!!

Funny story - I was sitting next to my boss today at a going away party for someone else. I 'poked' my finger to test so I could have some desserts. As I was putting the blood on the strip my boss put out her finger joking like she wanted me to test her - so I 'poked' her with my MultiClix before she could take her hand away. I don't think she thought I would actually do it!

Yep, I have this problem as well all too often. So, I keep a meter in my purse and one next to my bed. My purse is always with me!

I believe it is physically impossible for me to be prepared for both me & the kiddo. Last night's MIA was the kiddo - how dare you poop when I don't have a spare diaper with me?

But if it hadn't been him it would've been me.

One trick that works for me fwiw is to test when I get into the car (or walk out the door if I'm taking the bus). That way I know it's with me and have one last chance to make sure I have enough strips.

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