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Things That Are Awesome.

To counter yesterday's grumped up mood, here's a clip from the show last night.  A little Wonderwall action:

We hit a pub before the show, had a few drinks, and by the time we arrived, Oasis was about to go on.  I've never seen them live before (Chris has, several times - they're his favorite band.), but they were pretty damn good.  

I'm off to work (took a 1/2 day today so I wouldn't be all bleary-eyed), but enjoy the clip!   


Awesome indeed!

Sounds like you had a blast, Kerri.

I might have to pick up one of their CDs. Looks like you had some good seats, too.

How lucky you are! :)

I need to share a story with you.

I play basketball on Wednesday nights (aside from my lunchtime hoops).

I work until about 7:00 PM, then go straight to this gym (which is not close to my work or my house) and play until 9:30 PM or so.

It makes for a long day, but is usually well worth it for some good heart pumping exercise and fun.

Well last Wednesday (12/10) we only had seven people show up. If you don't get at least eight, you can't run full court (not enough to play four on four).

So, because this one guy didn't show up, the other seven of us had to spend the time doing some bullshit halfcourt crap. Not as much fun OR as much exercise.

Guess where he was?

A damn Oasis concert...


I stopped reading other diabetes blogs because it was diabetes all the time, so I really enjoy when you write about something else. I like Ryan Adams' version of Wonderwall too.

Wow, I thought they broke up years ago! Was that really Liam Gallagher? I had a crush on his brother Noel.

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