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Last January, I took the plunge and joined the inspiring photogs in the Diabetes365 Flickr group.  Back then, I wrote:  "I have no idea if I can keep up with the level of dedication that the seasoned members have exhibited, but I'm going to give it my best shot."

Over the last 366 days (leap year added the extra challenge), I've lived my life with my camera at the ready, snapping photos of everything from CGM sensors to snacks ... and the moments in between.  I thought that the Diabetes 365 project would make me feel like diabetes is an overwhelming facet of my life, but instead I've seen that diabetes truly does not define any of us.  We can grab pictures of our meters and our pump sites, but there's also so much LIFE going on between all these moments of diabetes management. 

This is my Diabetes365, a year in my life with diabetes:  inspired by you guys and captured on film. 

Each photo has its own story, so if you want to see the full catalog, visit my Diabetes365 Flickr set.  And for more photos from the D365 crew, check out the Flickr group.

Oh, and HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! It's going to be an incredible one.


Congrats Kerri! Here's to many many more years of living well and fully even with Diabetes!

Kerri, that video was great :]
Wishing you a great 2009!

Congrats on an amazing accomplishment.

Beautiful job Kerri. Beautiful. It put a smile on my face many times. Thank you!

In a word~ beautiful.

Happy New Year, Kerri! And thanks for sharing. I never did keep up with Diabetes365.

Harold and the Purple Crayon... wow... I remember that from when I was in first grade. I think there were two or three books in that series, and they were always a lot of fun. I've used that Aveeno hand cream... it does NOT last for 24 hours, and barely to the next hand-washing. The Other Half loves his Eucerin Intensive which is the only hand cream which does not feel greasy to him. I, on the other hand, find it greasy, tends to increase wetting of test pricks (can't get a good bead for a reading), and -- when I can finally get enough blood beaded up to read (which entails something that looks like a major injury!), the reading is somewhat elevated. Still looking for something that functions against the cracked, sometimes to the point of bleeding, knuckles I experience in winter...

Great video, Kerri, I'll have to find out the story behind a lot of those photos when I have the chance.

Congrats Kerri

Taking 365 pictures is a lot of effort. I love the collage video, it's GREAT.

Happy 2009. Maybe we'll even get to meetup IRL this year.

You made it! And with much grace and beauty, might I add. Thank you for sharing with us.

great job on the collage!!

Great video Kerri!

It's great to have some other 'finishers'. I think I am going to start again on my birthday in February. Want to join me?

In some shameless self-promotion, I'm gonna link to mine here.

I said shameless didn't I?! :)

as a wife to one type 1, and mom to 2 type 1s...your video had me in tears...happy and sad tears. Best to u, Tania.

Kerri, this is beautiful. Thank you for your efforts. I recently found your blog. From miles away you make a difference in my teen's life.

Inspiring. Thanks.

I find your blog to be great. Nice effort. Thank you

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