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First Friday Six of 2009.

The Friday Six:  January 9, 2009 EditionNature has told me that we're getting another snow storm here in New England.  (I spoke with a squirrel to confirm.)  So before the snow starts to fly, I'll squeeze in a little Friday Six here.  There's a lot going on in the blogosphere, and I also need a few favors from my bloggy friends!

1.  First and foremost, and totally not diabetes-related, I saw a video claiming to host the "weirdest dog ever."  I watched it, and the video response, and laughed so hard.  Not just a "ha ha, that's so amusing," kind of laugh, but more the laugh that makes your face red and you cry and breathing is a challenge.  Coworkers IM  you from the other side of the building to see if you're okay because they can hear you bleating.  But I can't help it.  It struck me as that ridiculously funny.  Watch these videos and see if you can contain yourself.

2.  Via a coworker, I was introduced to Natalie Dee's webcomic site, which looked familiar to me because I've checked out Toothpaste for Dinner before.  Natalie's comics had me giggling this week - especially this one.  Spin through and see if you can find one that makes you snort.  Shouldn't take long.

3. Movies, movies, movies.  With the weather being fricking freezing, Chris and I have been huddled up and watching plenty of movies these past few weeks.  We've seen Slumdog Millionaire (4 stars out of 5 from me - very unique storytelling and I love Danny Boyle's style), Seven Pounds (4.5 - Will Smith is always good), The Day the Earth Stood Still (1.5 stars - Keanu Reeves, go back to Point Break), The Curious Case of Benjamin Button (3.5 stars - for the record, Brad Pitt as an old guy still manages to remain foxy), and the other night we watched Grace is Gone (3.5 stars - I didn't like the way it was shot, but the performances were stellar.  Such a crush on John Cusack).  I still want to see Valkyrie and Gran Torino, and with the snowy weekend on tap, that might be the plan.  Have you seen any of these flicks?  What's your take?

4.  Okay, onward to diabetes-related goodies.  The first is about the FDA Petition that I mentioned on Wednesday.  If you are inclined to sign, visit the official petition site and add your signature.  And definitely pass it on to anyone who has, or cares for someone who has diabetes!  For more information, check out Manny's video, Kelly's post, or Amy's post

5.  And I know I already posted about Diabetes365, but I wanted to repost and say that this Flickr group is still going strong.  I know a few of us have finished, and there are some new 365'ers (and some who have recommitted!) who are making the year-long project their own.  If you haven't checked out D365, skip over to Flickr and visit the group.  And if you want to see my finished slideshow, click here.  (Thanks to Bernard and Beth for spear-heading this project!!)

6.  And in a completely self-serving request, I'm asking for some help, too.  I've had the honor of being nominated as Best Patient Blogger as part of MedGadget's 2008 Web Awards, and I'm up against some big competition.  I'm also getting trounced.  :)  I'm the only diabetes blogger nominated, and I'm hoping to rally the community and help raise more awareness for the power of diabetes patient bloggers.  If you have a spare minute and don't mind helping out, please pop on over to MedGadget and cast your vote for SUM.  And THANK YOU!

That's all I've got for today.  Stay warm, New England - and for everyone else, have a good weekend!


I voted for you. GO KERRI!!!
Thanks for the movie reviews. Yes, John Cusack had me at "Say Anything". And those wierd doggie pics, while amusing were rather disturbing at times. Did I see right? Was there a dog with six legs in there?
Thanks for another great post, Kerri. Enjoy your snowy weekend!

I tried to vote twice (hey, I'm from Illinois!), but it knew! Anyway, good luck.

weird dog video #2...Oh my gosh- that's from Bruce Almighty!lol

trotting off to spread some votey love ;)

I've voted three times so far. *smiles*

I'll see if I can vote once a day. I think you can because I just voted on this computer and I had already voted using this computer the other day.

Also, Valkyrie was really awesome. Very cool. I saw it the day after Christmas with my dad. Great flick. Very historic and informative, though some people didn't like it because Tom Cruise didn't have a German accent. And they only spoke German in the first 10 or so minutes of the movie. I highly recommend it. You and Chris will enjoy it.

Have a good weekend.

well I just saw the curious case of benjamin button and loved it . Kind of strange on one hand though but liked it on the other . gran torino my sister saw and loved it so go figure I might have to go see it . anyways we are expecting snow here too as well . I know it gets colder as the day goes by . I like it cold when the sun is out but not when it is all grey . great blog and enjoy the movies .

(1) Not sure how to vote on Medscape.
(2) Of the movies mentioned, I saw The Day The Earth Stood Still with friends within a week or two of its opening. It was interesting, but I did not make it to our earlier home screening of the original to compare the two versions. I might have liked it better had the writers not tried knocking us over the head with the "green" message...

I voted! Where's my sticker...

Doodoo kaka poopoo, LMFAO. That 2nd video was so funny.

Potty humor gets me every time.

I voted. Now, who was I supposed to vote for again? Ah yes, I voted for Kerri !!!!!! Go get em girl !!!!

I voted as well.

I've seen Seven Pounds--awesome movie, and I cried like a lil girl at the end. The Day the Earth Stood Still--was good, I thought the acting was pretty good, but after my husband had shown me the ORIGINAL B&W I thought the movie could have done soooo much better, as far as the message they portrayed at least.

The comics were cute, especially the koala bear one.

And the reply to the dog video did make me snicker!! Thanks for sharing!

ha! I have to echo the other commenter from Illinois.

Vote early, vote often. But it won't let me.

Your site is way better than butyoudontlooksick. Seriously, whenever I'm in the diabetes dumps, I check in with you to see what's going on and I feel better. This last year with my 25th anniversary and the frustrations of CGMS and finally a little light at the end of the tunnel with research going on (I cry just thinking about it) has been tough. But you are always there and always have something funny or something I can get actively involved with.

So I vote(d) for you!

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