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Graduate Student Needs Our Feedback.

Survey says ...Happy Sunday night!  I have another reader request for help, this time from a graduate student named Devon.  She's been emailing me for several months now and is aiming to get some feedback on her thesis survey.  I asked her to provide me with a write up about what she's looking for, and this is what she sent to me. 

"I am a graduate student at the University of Denver in the Human Resources Administration program. The purpose of the capstone is to take an important current issue, that is personal to me, and make it not only a thesis paper but a project. My project is to look at how the ADA has changed over the years, especially as shaped by court cases, and how the ADAAAA intends to help restore the intentions of the law passed in 1990. My belief is that the ADA is not sufficient in improving the employment of people with disabilities because there are many illnesses and conditions that fall within the definition of the ADA, yet these people do not consider themselves disabled.

The survey therefore looks at what people know about the ADA, what they consider disabilities (by taking disabilities that are visible and those that are not) and also looking at attitudes. After all of my research it seems that doing more to increase positive attitudes by setting an example in the workplace goes farther than the protections the law provides. I do not believe by any means that we can go without the ADA. The protections it provides are vital. With all the research and the survey results I gather I hope to create a program that my own company can use to increase appreciation for diversity, especially in the area of hiring, promoting and developing people with disabilities."

If you have a minute to fill this short survey out, please click through on this link and offer up your perspectives.  And thanks!

(Note:  These are Deven's words and views, as are the contents of her survey.  These views do not reflect my own perspective or beliefs.  Just tryin' to help get the word out.)

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