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Holiday Train Show.

Last month, Chris and I found out about the Holiday Train show in the NY Botanical Garden.  But due to traveling home to Rhode Island every few days, we decided to put off this excursion until January.  You know, when we'd have more time.

So on Sunday, we got an early start and arrived at the entrance gate around noon thirty.  "Two for the train show, please." 

"Next tickets are available at 5:15."

"Excuse me?"

"Whoops, 5:20."

Quick Sparling conference.  

"Okay, fine."

So here's the tricky part: How do two (quasi) adults spend four and a half hours in a freezing cold botanical garden in the dead of winter? 

Goofing off.  In anticipation of this train show, we puttered around and looked at every dead branch in the damn place.  We rode the freezing cold tram ("And on your left, you'll see the magnificant magnolias in bloom ... in June.") and looked at sculptures that resembled the Beetlejuice table that comes to life.  We hid out in the library and pretended to explore the "jungle."  We even  weaseled in to the Gingerbread Exhibit and spied on the impressive gingerbread houses (this bakery was my favorite), but after all this, there were still more hours to kill.



So then we stopped at every cafe in the garden for a cup of coffee.  As 5:20 drew closer, I was so buzzed on caffeine that I couldn't keep my hands from fluttering around like little birds.  "Want to see the trains?  The trains?  The trains?*"  (*Note to self.  Stop drinking so much coffee.  You're starting to tweak.)

Thanksfully, we finally saw the trains.  And I thought the whole exhibit was pretty cool.

Holiday Train Show in NYC

The intricasies of the models were very impressive.  Even peering closely into the buildings, the windows seemed like they could open and reveal a fully-furnished living space.  I'm amazined at dollhouses and train sets and anything that replicates life in miniature.  Show me a tiny tea set and I'm amused for hours.

Train in the tunnel.
We have a video of this train somewhere, and I just have to upload it.  But this train in particular was cool because it passed through this tunnel lined with Christmas lights. 

Kerri at the train show.

And even though the light was tough to photograph in, Chris managed to snap this shot of me in front of the Rockefeller Center replica.  (And despite my over-caffeinated state, I managed to stand still long enough.)

If you are in the NYC area and have a chance to check this out, do!  And if you have already seen it, I'd love to see your pictures.  (Here are mine.)  And (I've had too much coffee today, too, as you can tell) if you know of any other train displays or miniature stores, or similar, tell me!  I love that stuff and am always looking for somewhere else to explore! 


OMG! It’s so funny for me to read this. I went to the Holiday train show last week. We actually bought our tickets in advance, and still had to wait in line for hours before seeing an actual train. It was mayhem! But very cool. I felt bad for all the people driving in at 2PM being told they couldn’t get in until 6! That’s crazy! Like a fool, I forgot my camera. So I have no pictures to share.

That's funny. I'd love to see it, but sadly I live in Florida.

I'm still bummed that we missed it with you guys. Argh! Too much company in town and too many post-holiday things to do in one weekend meant missing the trains and tweaked out Kerri!

Can't do botanical gardens since The Other Half has severe allergies. That much time in the cold would turn my fingers black and numb, despite gloves and hot beverages. One thing I did find a couple of years ago was an exhibit of gingerbread made into the artists' ideas of animal habitations (mostly doghouses and cats' houses, but there was one family of coyotes and another of wolves)... it was a fundraiser for several animal-rescue groups, and located in Chelsea Market (along with a number of yummy-smelling bakeries such as Eleni's Cookies and Amy's Breads, and then all the gourmet chocolates at Chelsea Market Basket)...

Sadly, I did not make it into the City for Christmas Season this year...

Yay, it's been on my calendar for months as my 2yr old is obsessed with trains. My father and I took him last year, presuming it may not go over so well and he was mesmorized. It's amazing, beautiful craftmanship for adults and kids alike!

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