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The Biggest Loser: Diabetes-Style.

The Biggest Loser:  Diabetes-StyleReckon that on these here diabetes blogs (spits into spittoon), we do a lot of sharing.  We share our best diabetes practices, our literal highs and lows, and we also have the common bond of this disease.  And through these shared experiences, we learn to take care of ourselves, and each other. 

(Is that Jerry Springer's line?  I can't remember.  But in any event, I mean it.)  

So when I heard about The Biggest Loser:  Diabetes-Style, I knew this was another example of the power of the diabetes blogosphere.  Turns out that 18 of our very own are taking on a "Biggest Loser" type challenge, and they're letting us follow their progress and become inspired by them along their journey. 

My friend Landileigh, creator of Landileigh's Little World and this weight loss challenge, took some time to talk with me about The Biggest Loser:  Diabetes-Style and how she's hoping it will rock their worlds!

Kerri:  What made you want to start The Biggest Loser - Diabetes Style?   And how long is the program?

Landi:  With having Chronic Kidney Disease, I need to be at a weight that won’t be so hard on my body for when the time comes for dialysis. My good friend George over at TheBADblog.com was also going through a similar weight realization and I knew he couldn’t go through this alone, and neither could I. The Biggest Loser ‘D’ Style was born with helping the two of us out. I never thought I’d have 18 people join up!  We’ll be following the schedule of the show … so 12-16 weeks.

Kerri:  What was the catalyst?

Landi:  Seeing this picture! I never realized I’d gotten so .. ummm.. large.

Kerri:  You say on your site that it's not about diet or exercise, but more about supporting one another as you work towards better health. How are you guys rallying the troops and keeping everyone inspired?

Landi:  I’m sending daily emails to everyone who is participating, and posting on my new blog at www.landileigh.com.

Kerri:  How are you holding one another accountable? How do you keep track of where people are "starting from" and what their goals are?

Landi:  No holding back, it is out there on the internet for everyone to see. If you can’t post it and show it, you can’t say to yourself that you want to do something about it.  I have a large spreadsheet in Excel that is keeping it all [the results] straight for me.

Kerri:  You have Other Diabetes, and many of the other participants are also diabetic, or the parents of diabetic kids. Does the same kind of inspiration work for all kinds of participants, or do you need to tailor your approach?

Landi:  I think the main goal is doing this for our health, diabetes or not. Obesity and being overweight is one of the largest health concerns there is today. I’m not guiding people on what their diet/exercise plan is. There are tons of them out there for them to pick from. But I am asking that people say, "Here I am! I want to do something about it!" Kind of like an AA program for being overweight. I also wanted to help my comrades in the D-force!

Kerri:  What happens when you guys cross the finish line?

Landi:  For every week that you completed that week’s challenge and sent in your weight, your name goes into a hat. At the end of the 16 weeks, names will be drawn and given prizes. So far I’ve gotten donations from Rickina at StickMeDesigns and AmyT at DiabetesMine will also be donating prizes.

Kerri:  What happens once the 16 weeks are over?
Landi:  Hopefully they’ll be less of us! And I’ve already been asked to start a Biggest Loser ‘D’ Style II for people that weren’t able to get in on it this time.

To follow the success of the Biggest Losers:  Diabetes-Style, scuttle on over to Landi's blog and stay tuned!  (And look out for some prizes from me here at SUM - hopefully it won't be a lock of Siah's fur.)  Thanks, Landi!!


Woo hoo!!! Go us!!! Okay, that's my encouragement for all of us. It's gonna be tough, but we are all going to hang in there I think. It's nice to be accountable to someone.

I hope to be Slimjabetic soon.

Slim Diabetic Ninja? Slimjabetic? Maybe? nah!

thanks for the shout out Kerri. We all need cheerleaders! Thanks!!

w00t! Let's GO!!!

For the record, I fully intended to go "mall walk" with the old people before my eye appointment this morning.

Then my alarm clock went off and all of my well intended plans faded away with the snooze button...


Thanks for highlighting Landi's program, Kerri.

I wanted to note that some professional help is on the way, too! I'm currently running a contest for three free "diabetes makeovers" for committed individuals.

Have a look here:

Good luck, All.

This sounds like it has inspired a few people to take stock of where they are at and their lifestyle; that’s really positive. Funny though that people often don't think about the reverse, I use to be normal weight as a child before I got diabetes, but I have been skinny ever since, and I don't like it. Sick of people hinting at my weight, god I get that all the time at work , especially when some one puts on morning tea to celebrate a birthday…eat more cake you need it Gary.

I guess it’s tied up with my build, what carbs I can tolerate eating due to the diabetes, i.e. it doesn't help eating more unless my BG is controlled, in fact the weight will fall off etc. I have been trying hard in the last 6 months to gain a few more kilos, and I have put on maybe 1-2 kg, only possible because of the pump. Perhaps we should also have a biggest winner – diabetes style…mmm come to think of it, I probably wouldn’t win that one though.

Thnks,This blogs Really more informative for Biggest Loser and shared experiences for Diabetes......

What's up to all, how is all, I think every one is getting more from this website, and your views are fastidious for new people.

Greetings! Very helpful advice in this particular article!
It's the little changes that will make the most important changes. Thanks a lot for sharing!

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