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MedGadget Awards: You Guys Rule!

THANK YOU!!!!The polls are closed and the results are in - and Six Until Me has been named MedGadget's 2008 Best Patient Blog!!

(Insert huge grin here.)

This happened because of all of YOU, and I am honored and humbled.  A huge THANKS to Manny, JaimieH, and everyone at TuDiabetes for rallying the community.  Huge thanks to Mark at Mark's Daily Apple, Val at Getting Better, Dr. Anonymous, Berci at Science Roll, David at the community at Diabetes Daily, the community at Diabetes Forums, and Jeff and the inspiring moms and dads at Children With Diabetes for their help in passing the word.  And the whole crew on Twitter (@landileigh!), at my homebase of dLife, diaTribe, and every other person who passed on the link and encouraged people to raise the visibility of diabetes bloggers.

And a special thanks to Chris, my mom, my brother, my mother-in-law, and my wonderful friends who offered their tireless support and helped make a difference. 

Even though it was my personal blog that was nominated, this is a big win for the diabetes community at large.  People recognize that patient blogging - what we do every day - is worth taking note of.  We are influencing the medical world with our patient experiences.  We are making a difference.  I can't say it better than Kevin, MD, winner of Best Medical Blog:

"Whether your vote was for me, or for one of the other worthy finalists, your participation in the Awards further cements the status of medical blogs as an influential voice to be reckoned with in the national health care dialogue."

Thanks so much, guys.  We've won as a community, and it means so much to me to know you're all out there.



That is so awesome Kerri!

YAY! Congrats! What wonderful news!!!

That's so great!

Am I the only one that pictured you at a podium accepting your trophy when reading this post?!

"... special thanks to..."


Way to go, Kerri!! Congratulations!

Congrats, Kerri. That's awesome!!

No, YOU rule! Great job! Well deserved.

Congratulations, Kerri. You deserved it. Keep up the great work!


And in a way I totally agree that "we" as a community won too.

This is so great because you always make it a point to include all of us in your blog. Thank you for caring beyond your own struggles and writing and caring about ours too.

Before I start to ramble on I just want to say that this, is well deserved.


Congrats Kerri! i just want to say "ditto" to what george said!


whoo hoo! Thank YOU for inspiring us not to be "alone" in all this! :)

You make us proud!!

Major sweetness! That is awesome Kerri - congratulations!

Congrats Kerri.

Yes our votes were very much for the D-community, but they were also very much for you. You do rock!

Congrats!! (I tried to vote multiple times, really...)

So cool! We are such a powerful group of people! You deserve this win. You are fantastic.

Awesome, Kerri! Much deserved and certainly a wonderful reflection on the DOC :)

Congratulations! :-)

Congrats, Kerri! I tried my best to keep the CWD'ers voting all week!!

You definitely deserved it!

~Caspi (from CWD)

Kerri -- YOU ROCK!! Congrats! You SO deserve this. I want to thank you for making me feel like I'm not the only person on this earth with D. I can relate to all your blogs! THANK YOU! :) You're the BEST-EST!

congratulations ! :]

Oh Wow we really do rock dont we ? that is so great that we all won . great blog .

I'm thrilled to see the official announcement!! It's so nice of you to thank US, but it's your talent and wonderful writing that did it. Huge congratulations. We're so proud of you!

I love to sound like a broken record .congrats.. and all you voters and bloggers ROCK

That's so awesome!!!!Congratulations! Doing a little happy dance for you and SUM! Your blog really gives a lot of us parents of CWDs hope and encouragement for our childrens' futures. Very, very exciting news!!!!Using a lot of exclamations points to show excitement for your win!!! ;)

YAY Kerri!! Congratulations!! I knew you could do it ... you certainly deserve it :) I know personally my days aren't complete until I get my daily does of SUM!

Kerri, you are amazing. thank you for all your geat blogs. You are a great role model and tons of support.

Congratulations, Kerri. I am so proud to be a part of the Diabetes Community. Way to Go!!!

couldnt have gone to a more deserving person. well done Kerri. I love love love your blogs. you make me feel normal.

Congratulations, Kerri!!! You certainly deserve this award. No better blogger out there in my opinion.

Congratulations Kerri, You deserve it.

Kerri, congrats on your achievement with SUM. It is a wonderful personal blog I read all the time. I have learned alot reading your blog and following you on Twitter. Keep up the good work

Congratulations Kerri!

Congrats Kerri, I knew you we topps.. Keep up the good work,I tune in everyday and I get the word out too.

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