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The Banana Bunker Friday Six.

The Friday Six:  February 20, 2009 editionWhat a hectic morning already.  Between an early start with my dLife email and then a quick commute to Boston for the day (complete with low blood sugar on the sidewalk of the city, making me look like a homeless person who stole a laptop), I'm glad to be finally chilled out and getting things done.

Not much going on diabetes-wise, but I do have some fun crap to share with you this morning.  Here is this week's Friday Six, starting off with this:

1.  The Banana Bunker.  I can barely remember what made me Google bananas at work earlier this week (Shhhh, dLife ladies.  Don't tell Helen!), but once I found this photo, I couldn't stop laughing.  A banana bunker, in four jazzy colors.  It will "keep your fruit safe until you're ready to go!"  It will also look so much like an inappropriate toy that you'll be sure to embarrass yourself by sharing it with the the whole Internet.  Like now.  Hi!

2.  The Hero Factory.  Want to see a superhero version of yourself?  Yes, you do.  I spent altogether too much time mucking around with this (I had to see what I'd look like with laser beam eyeballs!), but here's my final version.  (Over there.  On the right.)  Do not mess with me.  I know the guy from Reading Rainbow.  (Hat tip to SicklyKitty!)

3.  Holy Sh*t.  This is a mega-dog.  I actually whispered "Holy sh*t," under my breath before reading the post beneath this photo.  Do dogs actually get that freaking big?  Not normal.  If a cat was that big, it would be put in a zoo.  Or at least a stable.  Check it out and see if you can contain your expletive.

4.   OMGWTFBBQ.  I tend to find out about things after they've already peaked, but that doesn't make them any less funny to me.  My coworker threw a "OMGWTFBBQ" at me this week and it caused great joy for my brain.  The illustration on the Urban Dictionary makes it even better.  Have you heard of this before, or am I mentally still on my TRS-80 computer from Radio Shack?

5.  The Yip Yips.  I purged this YouTube clip from my brain on Twitter last week, but I must share it here.  I remember the Yip Yips from back when our neighbor used to babysit for us.  This bit with the telephone gets me every time.  "Brrrrrrrriiiiiiing!"  "Um ... brrrrrrrriiiiiiiing!  Uh huh, uh huh.  Yip yip yip yip."  You remember this, don't you?

6.  And this last one is just for me.  Totally self-serving.  Do any of you guys have experience with a Bamboo Fun?  I bought one this week and haven't had a chance to fiddle around with it, but is this a good tool for photo editing, etc?  Any informal reviews?

That's all I've got.  (And still laughing about that obscene banana bunker, but anyway.)  Have a great weekend!!


The banana bunker. OMGWTFBBQ indeed. Imagine getting on a plane with that??!

My superhero is purple. And thin. Both are good.

Big dog. Very big dog.

I'd never heard of OMGWTFBBQ until you tweeted it the other day.

Those links are awesome!!! I've just superheroed myself and am thinking about buying a banana bunker for my girlfriend. I'm not sure what she'd think, but it would definitely get some kind of reaction from her. :#

Is that dog REAL??? It can't be real.

OMG! I'm sitting here giggling over the Banana Bunker! I can only imagine the comments from other teachers if I pulled that from my lunchbox in the teachers lounge at school...HAHAHAHA! Good one!

Bamboo fun:
I have a bamboo and love it... the only problem is that i have to keep reinstalling the driver (which makes the pressure sensitivity work) because my computer doesn't recognize that it does need to be safely removed.

I haven't used mine for photo editing yet, just drawing stuff

OMGWTFBBQ! I grew up in a radio shack, so I respect anyone who rocked the Trash-80 back in the day. And of course the Yip Yip dudes rule. Well, maybe they're a close 2nd to the Swedish Chef.

Well they make dogs almost that big. It's hard to tell from the photo but years ago when I was teaching dog obedience we had an English Mastiff in a puppy class whose parents were both right around 200.

He would gain 20-25 pounds a week and could only do about 5 minutes of class, because he got too tired. He was growing so fast, he literally had to sleep most of the day.

The bunker.
O. M. G.
What were those people thinking???????
For some reason I could not stare at them too long, like it was bad or something....hahaha!

The Hero Factory was fun. I thoroughly enjoyed the song! You make a great Hero but I would so not mess with you....

W.T.F is that dog???!!!

The Yip Yips! Ha ha! LOL! I love them, so adorable! Now I will be saying yip yip Way too much!

Thanks for sharing this stupendously hilarious Fri6 with us!!

Seriously? Is that dog real?
You know that dog from Harry Potter? It's what it reminds me of.
And the banana bunker. No words for that.

I love OMGWTFBBQ and must start using it from now on.

sweet TRS-80 with the tape cassette...
OMGWTFBBQ is now my new favorite!


lubs me some muppets

I am still having "killing myself laughing" flashbacks about the banana bunker. No, seriously...I ate a banana last night and my husband kept asking why I was laughing while I was eating said banana.

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