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Bad Larry and the Dexcom.

When Chris was traveling last week, I had to install (Install?  Is that the right word or does that make me sound like a TRS-80 from Radio Shack?) a new Dexcom sensor.  Usually, with his help, I wear the sensor on the back of my arm and he takes care of securing it.  But since I was flying solo for this installation, I decided to try a new spot.

So I slapped that bad Larry onto my right thigh.

The aforementioned "Bad Larry."

(Note: A Bad Larry is defined by the online Urban Dictionary as "an adjective that describes something that is sweet or badass."  This note is purely for FYI purposes and not to be confused with the Good Larry, aka Larry Bird.)

To be completely honest, that thing hurt like a bitch going in.  Usually the arm placement for sensors doesn't hurt much at all and the whole installation process is over without much fanfare.  But this thigh one made me jump and skip around cussing like Yosemite Sam (again).  I immediately wanted to pull it out and put it somewhere else, but I recognize the value of these things and I did not want to waste one just because it was a stinger.  

So I sucked it up and slept carefully that night, avoiding any pressure on that tender spot.  Thankfully, by about noon the next day, the sensor had settled in and either took out all the local nerves (kidding) or my body finally adjusted to the placement.  It was snug against my jeans and didn't create too much of a bulge.

Because I do not want a bulge in my jeans.  (Hey Google - have fun with that one!)

A plus to wearing the sensor on my thigh seemed to be the lack of rubbing on the edges.  Granted, the thing was ringed in blue by the sixth day due to jeans, but it stayed relatively unfrayed (that photo is from Day 6) and wasn't in the way much.  A minus to this spot may have been the constant rubbing of clothes, because it crapped out on me on the evening of the sixth day, throwing a dead sensor error.  Was it the rubbing that caused this, or was the sensor kaput on me too early?  I'll touch base with the crew at Dexcom to see what the deal could be and I'll let you know.

But that thigh sensor was my last run with the Dexcom SEVEN Ye Olde (But New) Dexcom Seven Plussystem, because my new Dexcom Seven Plus arrived this week, and I'm giving that a go tonight.  The upgrades are very software based, with the receiver and the sensors remaining the same size, but now there are rate of change indicators and ways to log food, exercise, etc. on the receiver, making the logbooks from Dex significantly more useful.  AND there is a 1, 3, 6, 12, and 24 hour graph screen, which I'm stoked about. 

More details on the Seven Plus tomorrow, but for now, I'm trying to decide where to stick that next bad Larry.  ;) 

(And in keeping with my full disclosure, these supplies are provided to me in accordance with my sponsorship agreement.  You can also find my grinning head in their information brochure - if you dare to download.)


I read about the Dexcom upgrade on someone's blog - YDMV I think. I didn't realize it was going to be out so soon.

No movement on the insurance process (still no one in the state of Florida on BCBS with approval!) but seriously considering just getting it myself at this point. I mean I was 121 last night before bed and 251 when I woke up. Nothing to eat - and the morning before with the same rates and I was totally in range!

Love your pics in the brochure!

Oooh, the b-word and talk of a bulge in your jeans all in one post. Made me laugh my ass off. (Unfortunately, not really - my huge ass is still intact.) I have to say, those are some great new features on the Dex - looking forward to reading more about them. And hoping Minimed will take note too.

I was just googling "Larry's Bad Bulge" and this site came up! LOL

Seriously though, the brochure is fantastic. I was a little freaked out by the horse pic. I am just glad you survived.

I can't wait for the Seven+, but mostly because I've been only about 50% happy with the Seven. I really hope they fixed some of the calibration and duration issues. A better adhesive would be good, too.

I love reading all the information in your blog. My son was newly-diagnosed and I appreciate learning all I can.

Yeah, Kerri!! Imagine that, our Kerri, a movie star!! I loved your pics in the brochure!


I just talked to the sales rep for my area, and apparently you can turn off the beeps on the newest version! I might actually wear mine regularly if that's the case!! Can't wait for my upgrade :)

I hope you get all that software stuff figured out just too much for this old brain to dissolve right now . great blog as usual .

I hope that in the future we see more changes on the receiver and sensor size for me this is what matters

I'm sorry that because of a computer glitch, I am unable to email you directly, so I will ask my question here, if you don't mind.

Kerri, I have the privilege to participate in a meter study through the National Diabetes Ass'n. I'm excited about doing my part, but in all honesty, just as excited to have my strips paid for during the 6-mo. study. My question is this: have any of you participated in any studies and what can you tell me about signing off on my HIPPA rights. The consent form is written, of course, in legalese and has been a little hard to decipher. If I won't sign, I can't participate. Any advice?

If I've overstepped the "blogging bounds", you may delete this comment before it appears on your blogsite.

Thank you!

I can't wait for the upgrade to be available to the rest of us... Do you have any insider info that you can share??

Also, how was your accuracy with the sensor on your thigh? I also wear mine on my arm and the thigh may be a good option for the summer time and those tank tops! Let us know!!

nice cameo on the brochure. it's good to know those people in brochures are "real." Did you have any say in the pictures they used?


I work in health communications. If you like, I can read over the contract and give you a decent summary.

I use the word "insert" for sensors...less tech-y than install, no?

I didn't know about this upgrade!! Please share your opinion when you can ... I am now wondering how I can upgrade lol.

Kerri - hope you don't mind that I'm adding info here but I just called dexcom & was told that the upgrade will be available (to me) sometime in May. They are waiting for upgrade approval from the FDA. Not sure if it differs for each person though. The new system is available immediately to new customers.

I'd like to take you up on that Anna, but I'd like to remain -- Anonymous. Any suggestions as to how we might connect??

Anonymous - Since you tried to email me in the first place, can you and Anna connect through me? Email me at kerri (at) sixuntilme (dot) com and I can forward your email to Anna. I can send it anonymously, if you'd like, so that she only has my contact info. But I will need some kind of contact info from you.

Let me know. :)

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