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Blooper Reel: SUM Diabetes Vlogging.

I have the Flip camera in my bag almost all the time, so I make attempts at vlog posts pretty often.  Thing is, they are usually chaos and never make it to the SUM YouTube channel as a "real vlog."

But they do make it into blooper reels.  

Sara, Rachel, and Julia - this is for you. (And my apologies to the French.)




"Here's how people die, probably"


"I'm your host - the Kerri."

You are too much!!

And way to work in the curse - especially against the French!!

Garbage Truck!!

You are so great Kerri! That was the best...needed the laugh...Hugs!

Has anyone ever told you that your internal monologue is external? You might wanna get that checked out.

You're such a dork but I LOVE it!! :-) . . .as I laugh my butt off!

My favorite line? "I'm not French, I don't give a sh!t."


omg I am sying of laughter here rolling over in pain I am laughing so hard and that thing with the hands Omg you are way toooo funny and the garbage truck thing . My kids used to do that when we would see a stop sign my son would yell out stop sign , stop sign really loud . also look at all that snow around you goodness you guys really get whalloped dont you with the snow . wow .

That was great :)

Garbage Truck!
That made me laugh SO hard!

I already twittered it, but just like just about everyone else, GARBAGE TRUCK kilt it (said like Lil Mama on ABDC)! Seriously...I keep hearing GARBAGE TRUCK and chuckling.

i haven't laughed so hard in a long time!


I came back after work tonight to read the comments and they have me laughing almost as much as the original video. Especially Layne!! LOL!

Thanks for a good laugh! :)

YES, a S-bomb.

omg that was... priceless! I don't think I've laughed that hard in such a short time in a very long time!

oh the end with siah, I love how that cat tries to avoid eye contact with the camera! lmao!

I about died watching that lol and tigger and roo got really jealous of siah sausage and tabby abby lol... are you sure we are sisters?.. i love you and new panga is calling still.....

I'm with everyone else on this ... GARBAGE TRUCK GARBAGE TRUCK!

Have a good day!!

I am always going to scream garbage truck when I see them now...I want in on the GT fun :)

AHAHAHahaha! Kerri! You are so fricking funny! 8D

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