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French Fried.

Chris has a crush on these things.Last weekend, Chris and I went out on Saturday night for his birthday.  And because he is a Francophile and borderline crème brulée addict, we revisited an excellent French bistro in Brooklyn (that we were introduced to by some wonderful friends). 

We drove in a found a parking spot right across the street from our destination (stroke of freaking good luck, that)- Moutarde in Park Slope, and we were right on time for our 8:30 reservation. 

And we ate.

Oh how we ate.

We started with slices of celery and peppers dipped into an array of spicy mustards.  There was freshly baked french bread with creamy butter.  A shared appetizer of escargot, entrees of duck confit and hanger steak with frites (read: fries) - we were beyond indulgent.  To round out our meal (and our bellies), we had not one, but TWO desserts - crème brulée and two profiteroles with ice cream and covered in warm chocolate sauce.

My blood sugars were screaming at the very notion of these noshes. 

"Nooooo!  Kerri!!!   You'll end up at 400 mg/dl, stupid!"

"Quiet, you.  I'm having a night off from your hollering."  

My husband and I cleaned our plates and topped our meals off with coffee (me) and cappuccino (Chris).   

"So how is your birthday going?"

Francophile Sparling leaned back in his chair, smiling.  "This is great.  I loved this.  I love French food!"

I reached into my purse and consulted the Dexcom, to see if my numbers were started to go berserk.  I saw a flatline - 142 mg/dl and steady.  

"Dude, I think I did this right.  After all that food, I'm barely 140."

"Nice.  Can we get another profiterole?"

I love a good night out with excellent food, excellent company, and excellent blood sugars.  A few hours later, when we were climbing into bed, I checked the Dex again and saw that I was 103 mg/dl with a little arrow pointing straight down, showing that I was falling slowly, but still falling.

Meter confirmed:  97 mg/dl.

"Bah.  I must have over-bolused.  I'm going to grab a swig of juice."

Face-planted into the bed and slowly digesting thousands of French calories, Chris murmured "Mmm hmm."

I took a drink from the grape juice bottle by the bed and settled in beside him, feeling cocky about our indulgent dinner and it's lack of effect on my numbers.

So didn't I feel like a tool when the Dex started singing at 5:30 in the morning, announcing my 271 mg/dl to the entire room?   Sweaters on teeth, that instant "Oh my God I have to pee" feeling, and my tongue weighing about 8 lbs - the whole mess. 

I never, ever remember that the fat hits my blood sugars so much later.  (And we ate a lot of fatty foods!)    Stupid overconfident Kerri.  You done been French fried.

"Kerri, we told you.  We so told you."

"Enough!  I am fixing this now and besides, it was worth it." 

"The high?"

"Nope.  The crème brulée!" 


French fried!

man... I have been there a time or two... or three..

or four.....probably five or more....

The image of You being "french fried" had me rollin'!

It's a great way to describe it. And darn those delicious fatty foods! They get'cha, every freakin' time....

Thanks for sharing.

creme brulee is ALWAYS worth it. btw... we should make a creme brulee conversion chart just for these kinds of times. SO WORTH IT!

So when are we going to see a guest-blog from Mr. Sparling??

It's nice to hear someone else talk of this delayed response to fatty carbs. Those kind of carbs sneak up and bite you in the butt every time unless you stretch out your bolus. Do you ever use the combo bolus feature of your pump? I'm sure it's called something else for your pump, but for Jenna's Animas pump it's 'combo bolus'. It has taken me some time... tweaking the ratios and durations. But I think I've finally gotten a feel for it. Just wondering if you use that at all.

Great post Kerri!
Happens to me fairly often.
When heading for bed with a "good" number, I have a hard time setting a bolus to be delivered while I sleep. Afraid of the low and end up dealing with the high.

profiteroles...my favorite.

I tend to have to give Ian a temp rate increase for fatty foods - of course, for him that means a giant cheeseburger and cheesy fries (he can pack it in for a little guy) but usually 5 or 6 hours after dinner that bg shoots up.

oh well. I'm sure it was totally worth it.

Ooh, Moutarde!! The blood sugar issues, meh... but the food!

Why don't you try Dual bolus? :) I use it all the time when I eat carbs with fat

I'm french and each time I go out for a meal, no matter how late or how much I correct my highs before sleep, I'll always wake up high. You just can't avoid it.
Japanese food do this to me too...
But french food has soooo many tasty desserts! Profiteroles used to be my all-time fave. I'm drooling.
Totally worth it!!

I realize this has nothing to do with your post today, but I found it quite interesting. I was wondering if you've heard about the diabetes tattoo and what are your thoughts on it.


My Dexcom woke me up after Moutarde, too. I live right by that place and it's fantastic! I keep thinking an extended bolus would fix my problems but I haven't figured out the science to dividing up the dose yet...BTW, if you like northern Italian, try Al Di La, which is basically across the street!

I hate those morning post-fatty and sugary dinner highs. They always trick me into thinking that my body is acting normal for once. My post skiing beer and pizza from last night kicked me in the arse this morning.

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