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Kerri's Diabetes Technology FAIL.

I've had about three solid weeks of good blood sugar control, with just one or two lows and not many excessive highs.  I celebrated regularly, because this kind of even keel isn't common for me.  And because I'm in hot pursuit of a lower A1C.

So you can imagine my frustration when I had a 400+ blood sugar with no detectable cause - until I realized the pump tubing hadn't clicked into place properly after my shower.  (Something about the sweaters on my teeth and the fact that I was falling asleep face-first into my laptop didn't tip me off, apparently.   I had to wait until the realization of "Hey, haven't you peed three times in an hour?" hit me in full.)

Kerri + Diabetes Technology = FAIL.

(And also, be on the lookout for "fox paws." You'll see what I mean.)


I love that you vlog from your car :)

Loved it!

I love how you corrected you first curse but not your second one :)

And the running commentary at the bottom had me laughing at my desk!

LOL you are not the only one Kerri. I did something worst than that with Tristan. Gave him his breakfast, bolus his blood sugar, counted out carbs, waited for him to finish eating, gave him his medicine for his epilepsy, had him play a few minutes before school. Did realize anything was wrong until I got a call from the school nurse that he was extremely high..... DAMN, I had done everything but correct for his breakfast.

I felt pretty stupid too. But hey, it happens now we just need to be more vigilant :)

Yes! I fuuu....I mean muck up regularly!!! It sucks. It makes me mad. On the opposite end I've given a bolus without testing (out of laziness) because I "felt" like I was high and ended up being in range, causing extreme hypo's, followed by corrections, and then rebounds. Ugh. It happens... and it tends to happen for me when I've had those solid number weeks and start to lax up on my diligence and attention . =(

Gosh you don't know how many times I screw up a good week by forgetting to check or heck even take a needle, how many times to I hear, "you do this all the time it's routine and you forgot?!!" We're human it's life we forget or get diskomboobalated.

I'm struggling with this a bit now, too. I just started using the Bolus Wizard on my pump, which requires you to press "ACT" to 2 beeps - not 1 as in the past with a manual bolus. Due to my habits, I hear 1 beep, think I'm good, and put the pump back in my pocket. An hour later I feel a bit strange... Its happened a few times, and I'm learning the hard way to think twice, adn wait for 2 beeps.

Making a human error every once in a while makes us just that - human. We're entitled to our mistakes now and then. :)

You are not alone at all. The D-Monkey wrench is so real.

All these machines help a ton but you my friend are not a machine so to make a fox paw here and there is just gonna happen, and to the best of us.


That is the most annoying feeling in the world! I totally know what you mean. Unfortunately this has happened to me twice in the past month! It makes you kinda feel like you failed, which is upsetting. I have had the pump for years, but twice I forgot to bolus at breakfast thinking I already did. It kind of ruins your whole day, and its hard to get back on track with food and insulin- when you get high in the am, don't you crave sugary things all day? or is this just me?

We've *never* done anything like that...except for the time we gave Novolog instead of Lantus for dinner, or the trip 30 miles away for Thanksgiving without a vial of insulin, or - one that really shows my stupidity - leaving for the airport for FFL and forgetting the insulin on the kitchen counter.

Now that my daughter is on the pump (and Navigator) she's got more control over what happens - but she has to remember all her "parts" and i have to remember to REMIND her. There was a day not long ago that I asked her to check BG while driving somewhere and there was dead silence, then a very quiet, "Uh oh"...her pump was still on the bathroom counter where she left it while showering. Last week for Field Day, she left the Navigator sitting on her bedside table.

It happens, and it's annoying as all h*ll but we all have screwups, so don't feel too alone. :)

No vlogging from me; I'm still figuring out the blogging part. Happy Friday!

Fox paws! I thought that's what it actually was!!

Great vlog. I love when you do videos.

More along the lines of self fail. My insulin pen has line demarcations indicating 20 unit increments. One day (in a hurry) I did a quick check to see how much was left in the pen and clicked it all the way to 28 and without thinking to dial back down to standard lunch rate (4) I ended up injecting myself with all 28 units of Humalog. I don't think I ever ate a footlong sub, 3 cookies, AND 2 refills of regular soda before my diagnosis, but I suppose there is a first time for everything.

I see the mistakes as a sign that I am human. Most of the time I'm a strict machine. Test, inject, eat, test, inject, eat. As long as things are kept under control, the snafus "keep it real."

I did the same thing last night. Sugar has been great all day...even during the workout. Ate dinner and 40 min later realized that the cap wasn't on all the way. Ended up fighting mid 300s till 2am. Then, woke up in cold sweats at 6am with a 60 low. Sigh!

I completely forgot to bolus Jenna for her lunch the other day. I only realized this after a couple hours of progressively impish behaviour on her part and after checking her BS so I could bolus for a snack she was begging for. The big 20 on her meter staring back at me made my heart stop. Then the quick-to-follow realization that I had forgotten her lunch bolus caused the unbearable guilt to come crashing down. Ugh.

I totally commiserate. I've done the same thing - not "clicking in" and then getting a 7 foot tall number later! I've also had some problems with my CGM which suck as well: http://minnesotafugue.blogspot.com/2009/01/its-bitch-of-living.html

You worry too much Kerri....about trying to be perfect.

No one is. And T1 makes that all the more apparent.

I've forgotten to bolus, thought I did, why the hell am I high, took too much insulin, why the hell am I low.

I've forgotten my pump after a shower.
I've forgotten my testing kit when going for a drive.

We forget.
We are not machines.
We need to remember to make the machines work.

You are doing SO great otherwise!!!

And I love your Vlogs with the running commentary on the bottom! 7 feet tall had me cracking up!

The same thing has happened to my husband. It's very frustrating and tough to get the blood sugar down after something like that. The one relief in that situation is realizing there's a reason for the unexplained high and can be corrected.

Don't worry. You just had a Molly Moretic moment. :) You can join us in the "club".


I always love when I wake up on the right side of the bed, bs 120, good breakfast, morning run, etc. only to discover that I forgot to take my insulin to cover for my breakfast! This only happens when I get distracted and do something "out of order" (because God forbid that happens), ie the phone rings, I decide to eat first before taking my insulin, I take my laundry out of the dryer, etc. And no, I don't believe that I have ADD either.

Well, I'm still managing my 4-year-old's diabetes so I'm sure she'll have her own stories to tell in the future

Most recently, I changed Emma's pump site and completely forgot to fill the cannula. I have to turn down the basal 40% for a few hours because she goes low after a site change but she was HIGH 1 hour later and it made no sense, until I realized she was missing 0.7 units of insulin from the cannula!

A girl I knew in high school used to pronounce it "fox paws". It was pretty hilarious.

Oh, and you're not alone, I'm constantly mucking up spells of good diabetes numbers with dumbass mistakes.

I was at the US Open (tennis) and started feeling really really sluggish, which is weird cause I love the Open. Turned out my QR tubing connection had somehow completely twisted apart. It definitely happens to all of us. It sucks, but it happens ... almost every week.

i once ended up in the hospital for giving myself 25 units of Novolog instead of Lantus. HUGE FOX PAWS! that's why i'm so thankful for all of you guys to make me feel human and that these things have happened to all of you also!

That's okay, I got to work a couple of weeks ago and realized my pump was still sitting on the bathroom counter at home and not in my pocket where it belonged. It's not that the technology didn't work for me, it's just not effective when it's 15 miles away.

Also, I notice you've put some additional post-production work into this vlog. I enjoyed the slight zoom in/out effect. I'm expecting some CG tooth-sweaters next week. Don't let me down, Kerri. :)

Oh man do I wish I had no idea what you were talking about...however, I completely forgot to put my pump back on before climbing into bed last night. 400+ for me this morning baby! Bleh...I have suffered ever since then too all the way down to a 55 low this afternoon. Such is the diabetes pendulum.

Yup...us too!
How about totally forgetting to re-connect my little girl after her shower. She tests in a good range as I kiss her goodnight. (So we still don't notice she's "unhooked") And the poor kid wakes up in the morning sky-high, and ready to throw-up. Talk about feeling like a failure...sniff. So yes, Kerri, you are not alone. ps: how do you put text under your video??

Oh, I have so done that. Couldn't figure out what was going on. Kept testing, kept giving more insulin, still climbing. I was dizzy, frantic, crying, tired, with a headache and ravenous hunger. This went on for an hour or two. I was escorted to a nurses room and lay in a bed for all that time.

I was an hour away from home and my husband had to bring me insulin because I had forgotten it that day. (Never have forgotten my insulin since) Found out after all this commotion and a trip to the bathroom that I was disconnected. Completely.

To this day this woman, who sat with me in the nurses room, still reminds me of how I frightened her. She is a sweet old lady, so I give her slack. It took me hours to get my BG down to normal so that I could eat. Did I mention I was ravenously hungry.

I mess up often too... sooo many times have I taken insulin and then looked at my pen and thought "DAM, took too much!"

And then there were the times when my pen didn't deliver properly cos I hadn't primed it..... ooops!!!! You're not alone!

it happens... like how I had the perfect day... went to bed no problem. In the morning I felt like crap but didnt think much of it until I got to work and felt even crappier... borderline craptastic really. My pump died... apparently if the battery is low before bed and dies between 11pm and 6am theres no alarm. it died around 430am... I didnt know this until 930am!

I decided to call (those) things that happen - variables. Now, I have different Nurses, Educators, and Doctors, referring to (those) things as - variables.
The longer you're on the pump the more you become casual or routine with the habits of it, the more(different) things like you mentioned will happen. I've tried to learn to just laugh it off. Good luck, just cuss (to yourself).

How about a teacher writing up on my daughter's *permanent* record that we need to have better control of her diabetes? One (one!) morning we forgot her insulin b/c our schedule was different that day. As hard as we work at this, as 24/7 as this is, she has the nerve to write that for one muck up?! (Thanks for letting me vent!)

This happened to much so much I got rid of the pump. My A1C levels got way too high that I went back to the old fashion way of doing things.

My A1C levels are better now. I would never make a good android.

Also, I would get my quickset caught on the door knobs late at night when I was half asleep, and rip out my site at like 3 am. I hated those nights :)

Oh, sweet Kerri! I've only been pumping for 5 months and I've done all of the above! Also did all of the stupid insulin pen mistakes afore mentioned....including a huge bolus of Novalog instead of Lantus. Try explaining THAT one at the emergency room!!
Latest fun was when we were on a 2 a.m. run to the emergency room with Elijah and my tubing caught on his wheelchair and completely ripped out. I had to wait until we were at the hospital and the docs were working on him to explain that I needed to step aside and put in a new site. I got real familiar with the nurses too because I was up all night trying to fix the high....and then they took care of me too during the inevitable crash the next morning. We're in the ER so often the nurses have taken to looking after me AND and my son! Sigh. We are all just human.
I love your posts! They make me feel so not alone. You are so funny, and so perfectly human about the whole mess.

Went camping with some friends and we happened to be camping very near my parents' house. Decided to go there to shower. Went back to camping and flopped on air mattress. Wait, I should have felt my pump during the flop. I should have hard-plastic thing under me. *frantically feels around for it* Where'd it go? *finds site* Hmm, no tubing connected to site.

Yep, it was back on the sink at my parents' house.

I think the biggest pain in the butt about Diabetes.. is that even if you have a great blood sugar day, the next day everything can be off and make you end up feeling like crap for a whole day..
Do you ever feel fine, then check your blood sugar and see that it's in the 200's or higher, and immediately feel the side effects of a high blood sugar? It's like the actual visual of seeing that number on the screen makes you feel worse.
I have a question.. what is your routine when it comes to going to the gym? Do you eat before? Do you make your blood sugar is within a certain range? Do you test while you work out? I'm starting to get into working out, and what I would give to just get up and go, instead of planning out snacks and BS checks in between.

This is a little scary. I have been reading your blog for a while now, and while I relate to almost EVERYTHING you post I did not feel a need to respond to anything (I have had type 1 for 23 years and have been on a pump for 9). That all changed this afternoon. The school day just ended, I went to the bathroom, when I pulled down my pants my pump tubing fell to the floor-my sight was disconnected. When it happened, I don't know. I made sure to click it in, checked my blood, and found it at 390. oy! This has not happened to me in 9 years! But 4 days after reading your blog-it happened! I am definitely not blaming it on you-just posting the coincidence :) Thank you for what you do!

I did the same thing today! D'oh!

P.S. it was NOT the first time, either.

Don't be so hard on yourself!

I just found the blog as I am up and unable to sleep because I'm trying to get my BS back in range. It is good to share the feelings of diabetic concerns and realize they are not as uncommon as they feel. I have had type 1 for 25 years and pumper for almost 9. Usually, I can keep it all under control with the exception of the bolus guesstimate when eating out and other random snafus. However, this week I have been chasing my numbers and doing all the normal troubleshooting only to find out it may be stale insulin. Shame on me! I called the pump help line and thought we isolated it with the new insulin bottle, new site, new tubing, etc. Unfortunately, I just checked again and it's 400+ RATS! I am just spent and hungry. I just inserted my fifth infusion set since Monday and, stating the obvious, have pricked my fingers ad nauseum (literally). Sorry for the venting, but I am glad to find your site - another "normal" person who happens to have diabetes. Thanks!

Yes, yes, yes, and yes!

It bothers me too because I feel like I did all that damn work to count, calculate, etc., then something mechanical comes along and screws it up. What a waste!

That happend to me
I wake up to find that I was disconected???

Then after my shower it would not go back on. How FRUSTRATING!!!
GLAD i am not the only one!!! :] ;]

Well you are defiantly not alone! My daughter Ocean has been diabetic since she was 4 and she is now 8 almost 9 and we have made some silly mistakes through the years but the ones that stick out the most are When we gave her Novorapid instead of her lantus and know that she is on the pump. This past thanksgiving we were really busy getting ready to go to family's for dinner and Ocean had a shower just before leaving and oops we forgot her pump all together and noticed 1 hr later when we were about to eat!! Laughter IS the best medicine for these kinds of things. LOL Take Care!!!

Hey Kerri! I forget to bolus sometimes, don't feel too bad about not reconnecting.

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