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St. Patrick's Day and Diabetes.

Yay for frosty glasses of beer!  And for frosty snowmen.Come on, like you didn't see this one coming.

So just about everyone in my office is wearing green today, and there's a certain jolly, slightly-inebriated vibe to the place.  (No, we're not drinking.  Yes, we should be.  No, I don't have a flask strapped to my thigh, thanks.  That's an insulin pump.) Don we now our green apparel, right?  Our kitchen is stocked with Irish soda bread, and the stuff is tasty.

Seems that attentions turn to drinking and diabetes when March 17th rolls around.  dLife has a whole section dedicated to the diabetes and drinking, I've written columns and blog posts about it before, people are polling the blogosphere about their drinking habits, and there are even quizzes you can take that touch on the topic.

I've always found that even a little alcohol can make my blood sugar tumble a few hours later, which is the thing that makes drinking a pain in the arse.  Even when I have a drink or two (and subsequently get buzzed because I'm a lightweight), I need to make sure I down some carbs before bed to help keep the lows from attacking on the overnight.  I've talked to a lot of other diabetics about this, and it seems to be one of those "your diabetes may vary" (hat tip to Bennet) moments. 

Personally, I have never been much of a drinker, and there were so many nights in college when I opted for diet soda or coffee instead of a beer.  But as I've grown a bit older and considerably more responsible, I have begun to appreciate a nice glass of wine or a few beers with friends.  It sounds irresponsible to some, but I figure that as long as the drinks are infrequent and well-monitored, it's okay to cut loose once in a while. 

Like tonight, maybe. :)

What are you guys doing to celebrate St. Patrick's Day?

(Sidenote: Today is both my father's birthday and our editor-in-chief's birthday.  So happy birthday to both!)


I am not doing anything to celebrate seems like we never do anything to celebrate cause every holiday rolls around someone is sick in my house . we missed the parade in our town cause of the flu . Lovely huh ?

I find vodka to be the least offensive beverage to my BGs. I drink mine on the rocks. When I do drink beer, I make sure to have a meal with it to prevent the inevitable slight elevation and subsequent low from it.

I'll be drinking green vodka/diet-tonics tonight at my parents with corned beef an cabbage.

That pint is awfully light for a St. Patrick's Day beer. :p

I'm not even sure of my actual Irish heritage, but since I married into a 100% Irish family and my name is freakin' Erin, I've had to join the club. Not that I'm complaining. It's fun! Tonight I will probably visit my local pub, enjoy the live music, have a couple of ciders and maybe a shot of Jameson. I am wearing my green and I brought Irish bread (not soda bread) to the office.

I'm not Irish, but I sure appreciate corned beef & cabbage, Irish soda bread, Guinness and Bailey's!! Yum. I'm wearing my green. I'll probably have some left-over corned beef my mom made on Sunday. And the rest of the Irish cheese from my vlog post Friday (it did make it to St. Paddy's Day after all). And maybe tonight, one of the cupcakes I baked & decorated for the occasion. But probably no drinking.

Moderation is always key... :)

kids are getting their yearly green sprite...Dan usually picks up something interesting for us to try & raise our glasses...

corned beef, cabbage & tato's are mandatory...then leftover reubens!

Not like this actually helps for St. Pat's, because it's not green or anything, but I've found that I can beat the post-booze low by only drinking hard liquor + juice. Like a screwdriver or a vodka and cranberry.

Well, it's good in theory, anyway.

I've always liked St. Patrick's Day because it's my mom's birthday. We didn't do anything last night though, but yesterday I wore green from head to toe, and conveniently enough, it all clashed marvelously. I'm a lightweight like you (I'm part Irish, but not the drinking part apparently) - only one or two for me. Any more and I get a little too goofy. I like to have a couple of drinks on occasion though, beer, wine or my favorite, fruity tropical drinks - those make for a BG disaster though.

Sure! I show up in a post about boozing it up.

Is it about parenting? Testing kids at night?Ranting about data standardization? Even the iPhone?


Booze yes

LOL some how that works I guess

nothing to do with diabetes but did you know that st.patrick was welsh not irish.

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